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Changed over to Rosemary Conley


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I made the decision to stop ww as I am faffing around with it.
It doesn`t help when I don`t get on with my ww leader. Everytime I stay to class she always has a dig at "faddy" diets, saying how they don`t work and people put all the weight back on.
2 facts that I have proved her wrong with !!
Anyway she doesn`t single me out but always looks in my direction when she goes on about it as she knows I have lost on cd.

I have never mentioned cd in her class but she has such a downer on anything except ww.

ANYWAY... I joined Rosemary Conley class last week ( first wi tonight) told the leader woman and she was just so full of praise for how much i`d already lost, never slated cd or any other diet, just explained how RC worked and said she was there for me anytime day or night if I needed to contact her.

I have had a great week and it seems to have clicked into place with me ( well it is only the first week) LOL

So although not following ww, can I please still input on this forum :)
as there doesn`t seem to be anyone on RC

Sorry for long post
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Delighted to hear you are enjoying Rosemary Conley's Classes!!!

To be honest, who could not but be impressed with your weight loss!

Well done:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


I will get to goal .....
Best of luck with RC hun. What's involved with that one? Never done it before? x


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its low fat, calorie controlled and exercise, the exercises look gentle but you do get a bit of a sweat on lol
Well its wi tonight so I will let you know how I do
OMG I lost 8 1/2 lbs

:eek: First weigh in and lost 8 1/2 lbs:eek::eek:

I know you lose more in the first week but I have never really been "off" a diet !!

I1m off to update my ticker tee hee


I will get to goal .....
Wowzers :eek::D

8.5lbs is brilliant hun!! I bet you are pleased as punch!!!
Hope everyone is well. Had my weigh in a little late this week and have lost another 1.5lbs

10lbs in 2 weeks and its totm..i`m really into this and enjoying it so far........oh and to top it all off I had an interview on Monday and got the job woohooo...

Heres to a fab week everyone xxx

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