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Hi all,

Well this may be a bit deep but thought it could be worth thinking about.

Basically since finishing LT i have felt pretty unhappy strange i know! I was ecstatic when dieting and felt great every day at the sense of achievement. I loved the control i had over what i was doing.

Anyway when i finally reached my target (i am now 11st 6lb) i felt like i had totally changed as a person but what shocked me i think was that nothing had changed around me! I dont know what i expected but it felt very odd. I think i thought a new me would mean new everything i.e things i didnt like about my life!

I have had conversations over the last couple of days and finally realised that losing all this weight was my personal achievement and that it wasnt about changing anything else, any other changes are totally seperate. Our new figures are just the start guys:D

I now feel loads better and thought i would share my feelings just to make everybody aware of the ups and downs of this journey
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Hiya Tracy,

Im really worried that when i get to my goal weight that i'll be too scared to actually stop LT and re-feed in case i go back to my old eating habits.
Im also worried that i'll change and have more confidence and my friends and hubbie will hate it......My hubbie is already worried about the new clothes im planning to get and the fact that im looking to lose at least 3 stone. They say love is blind and he says that i dont need to lose weight and that im perfect as i am.....

Ive never been slim so this is my one chance to be.......


Wanna be....sexy!
Hi Tracy,
It is worrying as when we are on LT,we control what we eat and we know that if we stick to it,we will lose the weight,its structured.When we start out on our own,we lose control to a certain extent and have to think more about what we should eat and there will be a niggling voice worrying about gaining again.Think positive girl,youve done amazingly well and look stunning!
im glad your happy again hon , i ate last night and did wonder how you would feel at the end of the diet, im definitely happy now im doing lipo trim and did not enjoy eating, strange i no. ive got a long way to go but i think i no wat your saying, it takes over your life just like food did. the diet has changed the way i look at food after just 3 wks. you have done fantastic and must feel very proud well done and stay HAPPY :party0011:
well i aim to loose 5stone...im going to ee how much i lose in 3 months on L.T then if the finances let me i may stay on it a little bit longer..if not i plan to join slimming world,or something like that...coz then even though u r the one in control of what u eat..u still have people there to keep u on that guided path...
i lost about 5 stone about 6 years ago..i lost it over 4 months,but i was looking ill...all due to a brekup..i got back with my partner 10 months later, and he was shocked to see how thin i was..i have now been with my partner 8 years in total and he has seen me fat and thin...thin makes me feel so confident,even though he says he's happy with the way i am ...that to me isnt enough...im doing this for me....and L.T is like an addiction..and im only on my 11th day, and im hooked and so much more determined to do it..but im also afraid to say that when ive lost all my weight..will i stop there???


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Thanks guys and Lianna i have to tell you i hvent gone back to my old eating habits at all!! In fact im eating really healthy and still losing weight!! Got to be careful now actually. It is very worrying but if i can eat healthily then believe me anybody can! xxx


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Do we all go through these feelings, because I've been feeling very down for the past couple of days, and it's mainly to do with how I'm going to cope when I refeed and come out of my comfort zone which is ketosis. It's become a very good friend to me, and the prospect of meeting up with my old friend 'food' is scary. I'm sure it won't be as bad as I'm thinking, but I'm a bit of a worrier and a stress-head. The light is appearing at the end of my tunnel now, but do I want to get to the end? I'm going to have to snap out of this and get my head sorted, positive thinking is what's in order. Loads of people have done really well when on refeed, hope I will too. Soz for the ramble.xx
Awww Trace, come here:hug99::hug99: xx. Now nip behind the curtain strip off and lie on my couch and we will chat;).
Ya know where I am babe if ya wanna chat, but knowing you, you'll snap out of it and be your cheeky cherpy self before you know it :)XX


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Thanks for the cuddle honey, i am snapping out of it as we speak!! You're right Fi its very much a comfort zone and i really loved it! Im finding refeeding really good and am still losing weight its just the emotions that come with it that are a buggar lol xx
Thanks guys and Lianna i have to tell you i hvent gone back to my old eating habits at all!! In fact im eating really healthy and still losing weight!! Got to be careful now actually. It is very worrying but if i can eat healthily then believe me anybody can! xxx

Tracey what would you eat now that your on re feed, in one meal what would you have and do you go out of ketosis and get hungry?
Totally understand where you are coming from Tracy, I used to see CD as my comfort blanket and life seems a little more scary without it. Nothing more to add to what else has been said but just to send HUGS



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Well i never normally like to mention food but i have just had sirloin steak with fat removed, boiled rice and sweetcorn! I have fresh fish and chicken a lot and some weight watchers sauces. Yes i guess im out of ketosis with all the carbs but no never really got hungry and am still losing weight. Lost nearly half a stone since refeeding 3 weeks ago! I have a sandwich for lunch with no spread. I basicall have no fat at all but need to to really as i need to stop losing now!!
Sorry that was long xxx


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Thanks G hun xxx
tracey thats great, no hunger, eating and losing, hope i will be the same (when i get there lol) i just stood staring at chocloate, the little discs with all the coloured things on top, i dont hav a sweet tooth, i just want some not sure why.., but your a good inspiration anyway. will keep trying :sigh:


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Honestly hun everybody struggles at first and before you know it you really get into it! I miss it like i said. If i can refeed and lose weight everybody can im sure xxx
What fish do you eat Trace, I watch them on tv and it always looks good but all I remember is that earthy trout flavour which put me off fish forever, so im really old school, its cod in butter, finny, tuna, john wes tinned and the chippy, any ideas...........im rubbish.:eek: x


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Well babe ive never eaten fish in my life before now. I love haddock now..cooked with a little water and some pepper wrapped in foil in the oven for half an hour! Gorgeous! NO butter! I steam cod too which is nice. Def the haddock though mmm. Lilo is good with fish xxx


weighs a lot less
garry i habe been educating tracy in the art of choosing and cooking fish there are so many different types what type of meat do you normally eat ?

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