Changing VOICE??


Carpe diem
I'm now 7st 8lb lighter than when I was at my heaviest (21st 12lb): 4st 9lb of that since March 24th on CD. Now, many things have changed since the weight has come off: bones appearing, legs looking longer, feet shrinking but something has happened which is making me think if there's another consequence of losing a lot of weight that I hadn't even thought of ...

Over the past few days, no less than FOUR different people (including my own husband) has said "who's that?" when I've answered the phone :eek: Now I'm wondering if my voice is changing slightly - maybe because there's less fat around my neck / throat. Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

Debbie x
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wow...Never heard of that before Debbie, but so many things change when we lose weight so that could be why!

Does you voice sound higher or lower pitched now...or very husky?

Apparently I sound 'younger' & the people who asked who I was thought I might be one of my daughters!!

Not a bad thing to sound young I suppose! (Shame the face doesn't match the voice! ;) )

Debbie x
Hi Debbie,

This doesn't sound that odd to me - I'm a singer and I firmly believe the fatter I got the worse my range got. I used to be a soprano and then as I put weight on became a Metzo and then an alto but as I have begun to lose weight its started to increase again - I don't know whether it is just in my head but i really do think that the thinner i am the easier it is the reach higher notes!!

Tash xx