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Char's food Diary, let this be the final time!!


is gonna do it!!
june 28th '11
Right, lets get myself sorted and get this diet done, finally.
Tried WW before, gave up after only losing 0.5lbs a week for 3 weeks in a row. Should of just stuck it out, as a woman whos son is in the same class as my boy is loving gloating that shes lost 2.5 stone and ive put on since we started in January, stupid, stupid me. So, started yesterday with an allowance of 30pp.

2 slices of bread
poached egg
ketchup 8pp

ww soup
1 slice bread 4pp

Tesco light choices fish pie
runner beans
peas 13pp

1 pk of nik naks 5pp(!!!!) never again!!
raspberries 30pp.

Wasnt hungry at all, so all good.
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is gonna do it!!
June 29th '11

Really enjoyed the food today, saw the idea for lunch in a thread with the pics of food.

Breakfast: 3 slices Go Ahead cherry slices - 5pp
Lunch: 2 slices danish light toast with chicken piri piri chargrill and salad toastie with mayo - 9pp

Dinner: ww chilli and wedges -10pp
mixed veg and peas -1pp

snacks: banana, satsuma, raspberries, cherries


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Hi Char and welcome I will follow your Diary and look forward to reading more good luck with your journey hun...stick with it....it does work x
Great determination Moti . its all about sticking to it and not worrying how long its going to take.

Food looks good . try loads of different things to keep you motivated . Will check in to see how you are doing . Best of luck.:D:D


is gonna do it!!
30th June '11

B: cherries, banana, satsuma
Mid morning bag of snak a jaks 3pp
L: 2slices Danish light bread 3pp
Piri Piri chicken chargrill. 4pp
Light Mayo. 1pp
Mid aft yogurt with fruit 1pp
D: light choices veg curry(really bland) 9pp
21 pp used and 9 left hhhmmm what to have what to have........

had a cocnut slice 2pp
3 go ahead cherry slices 5pp
grand total of 28pp
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is gonna do it!!
Friday 1 july 11

B; 2 danish bread slices 3pp
2 dairylea light triangles 1pp

mid morn
cherries, satsuma
lunch> 2 danish light bread 3pp
piri piri chick chargril 4pp
asda light mayo 2pp
dinner. ww sausage and mash 9pp
cup of t 1pp

went out
vodka and diet coke 26pp
31 weeklies remaining for boxing tonight, a


is gonna do it!!
Sunday July 3rd '11

Absolutely gutted, went and had a deli sandwich from mcdonalds thinking it was the best option, and looked it up and its.....wait for it........16 PP!!!!

lunch and breakfast 16pp peed right off


is gonna do it!!
Mon 4th July

Lunch: ww pizza oval. 6pp
Snack a jacks curls 2pp
Dinner: weight watchers recipe of carrot& parsnip bake, 2 portions 8pp
3 tbls baked beans 3pp
Piri Piri chock chargrill 4pp


Hi hope u dont mind me having a snoop through ur diary. Im always looking for ideas! The peri peri chicken u get is it the birdseye one??
I get hot n spicy chicken breasts from asda, if u have an asda near u its definately worth it,its part of the bbq frozen range and they r 1pp per breast or 3pp for 2breasts. Soo yummy!! i have them with salads for low pp tea if iv over eaten in the day!!good luck with ur plan.x

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is gonna do it!!
Had a really bad day today. Made some cupcakes for my nephews bday party and scoffed 2 before u could say buttercream frosting (which was lush).

B: ww citrus yogurt with fruit. 1pp
L: Piri Piri chicken chargrill with grilled mushrooms on toast with light Mayo and salad. 7pp

Not sure of the points value of the cupcakes but there was loads of frosting on them so I pointed it as 20pp

D: slice bread with go ken tikka sandwich filler. 7pp?

Slice bread with ham and mustard. 3pp
Nik naks. 5pp
Grand total of 43pp!! Shocking, what an idiot.

Also to the lady who posted before this entry, feel free to have a nose, I will have a look out for those asda chicken spicy thingys, thanks!!



is gonna do it!!
B: 2 light bread 3pp
2 eggs scrambled 4pp
Ketchup 1pp
2 back bacon3pp

Butternut squash light soup 4pp
Bread 3pp

D: ww recipe baked veg frittata 4pp
2 ww cocnut cake 4pp


Frittata was bloody horrible!!


Hi Char! Here to follow :) x

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