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So i failed myself and had a cheat yesterday. After bein so good! I had been feelin a bit ill all dayand just fancied comfort food so when my pals boyfriend went to the roll shop to get stuff, i got a bacon and egg roll. I felt awful for it last night.....and i am being punished for it lol.

So this morning at 2.30am i woke up feelin sick, and have been sick very twenty mins since (finally stpped at around 3pm today)....got the wrst diarrhoea (too much info sorry) and i feel like death. So i know th roll didnt poison me.....but it was great timing to get a stomach bug cos now i know i wont b tempted to do it again. Its not so good on the way back up lol (sorry)

Small problem im having today is that until now ive been unable to keep even water down. Now the sickness has stoppd my mum (a nurse) told me not to have food until the sickness is 24 hours clear but to have som lucozade and maybe om ice or an ice pole to suck on. So thats what im doing. Got a mr freeze ice pole there for later and a small bottle of lucozade....and hopefully im back fighting fit tomorrow!
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Well this is your 1st cheat, I think, and I think you are being punished for it so nothing more to say really. I know how determined you are so this will just be a blip. Please do not let it happen again as you will continue to feel rotten inside an no one wants that feeling.

Get better soon Mandy
Thanks Shirley!

Thanks Mark, your right, i believe things happen for a reason, and i am being punished for it today. I have never been this ill with a sickness bug.....and infact its put the fear into me about eating cos i i ever feel like this again it'll b too soon. I am very determined, and make no excuses for myself...i cheated, for no good reason, and its not good enough. Tomorrow is a new day, and yestrday is one which will not be repeated.


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we all make mistakes and we have to learn from them. Like i have said previously we are like a slimming club who can offer support and advice and we all know when we have let ourselves down and it is the worst feeling. Touch wood i have been good since my last blip, and back on track, but no doubt i will return to the black hole one day.
chin up mandy x
Thanks huni. I know your right. I think going on holiday put me off track. I wasnt ready to eat yet....and altho i don it healthily, it was too soon. So yestrday i just thouht "it wont do any harm"....i know fine its wrong lol. Anyways tho, chin is up, and tomorrow is a new day. Luckily i wont put weight on....infact i think ive sicked away about half a stone today.....not the way you want to lose it but hey xx


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we are human so we will make mistakes its weather we learn from them thats what is important ask your self mandy when you do feel like cheating do i realiy need this ? Is it going to taste as good as im thinking it will ? Is it worth it ? If you answer theres questions it mite make you think again . Hope that this blip doesnt discourage you just get back on the horse you can do this mandy belive in your self xx
Thanks Rose. usually i use the technique of doing something else when i think of food, ie, iron. Takes my mind off it and i realise i nver even wanted food, i was just bored. Yesterday i just felt sorry for myself and there was no talkin myself out of it....but after today you can bet i'll never crave a bacon and egg roll again lol

I CAN do this, i WILL do this. Its my new mantra lol


reaching my goal
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You go gal just imagine what you will look like when you reach goal xx


is slowly shrinking
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Yet another day of the dieter, it is normal babe, but at the end of the day we get back on, and as long as we are not gaining that is all that matters, now pick yourself up have a good scream and get it out of your system,u can do it. x

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