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cheated :( so depressed

hi, im on day 4 of LT and i've been feeling quite stressed as 2 members of my partners family are critically ill and my partner has gone up to london to give them some support!! (leaving me with 4 kids) the next thing i know im stuffing food in my face! :cry:i cant believe i did it, im so embarrassed. i couldn't even make it a whole week without cheating..... it making me feel like my partner was right when he said i would never be able to stick to the diet. :break_diet:now i've had my mad half hour and realise what i have done but i dont know if i've got the willpower to go through another three days of hunger :wave_cry: sorry about the rant, just needed someone to talk to....
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Hey everyone has an off day, why not restart tomorrow, few days and you'll be back in ketosis! Hugs hun xxx


I will do this!!!
Dont say you hope you can restart tomorrow say you WILL restart tomorrow and see it through to the end!


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its ok just get back on it , you won't feel like you did on those 3 days as your body must be in K by now so if you get straight back into things you will be ok
hey.. try not to worry we all have off days. Make sure to go back to your shakes tomorro as the longer you wait the harder it will get. When you started on LT you must have decided to do it for a reason as TFR is a big step to take... so remember all those reasons you started and what you hope to achieve throughout your journey and what you hope to gain at the end. Write these all down and any time you feel tempted just look at that list and remember why you are doing this. Don't feel embaressed about what other people say, you did this diet for you and only you can achieve what you set out to do. Good luck for tomorro. You really can do this. xxxx
i am so sorry to hear about the illness hun it doesnt help with doing this diet. but if you really wanna do it hun get up and get back on track and take each day at a time that is what i do. good luck and let us know what you decide to do. xxx
Hey hon
Dont feel guilty your obviously going through a cack time so you turned to your old friend food, i know this diet is supposed to help you with these issues but your still in early days and it cant work miracles so you fell off the wagon give it a few weeks of being on the diet and when your stressed out you wont even think about turning to food. The worse thing you can do is feel guilty hon just get back on the wagon and have another go were here if you need us xx
Hey hun! Sorry you're feeling so low! Don't let this beat you. You CAN do this and when your partner says "you'll never stick it", say "Stuff you!" and prove him wrong. We are here for your support hun! All is not lost. But don't make half hour of madness be 2 or more days of madness. So get straight back on the wagon and go for your weigh in as originally planned. I suspect you will still have lost, just not as much as you probably would have.

I was in my sisters the other day (she has 3 WILD girls). The chaos and noise was unreal. I was there 4 hours and came home with a blinder of a headache and on the verge of tears. That was after only 4 hours with them. It normally wouldn't have bothered me but I think being in the first week of TFR makes you more susceptable to feeling like your not coping. So I can totally sympathise with you. But I would hate to see you give in.....so come on girl....back on the wagon. You CAN do it.
i can only agree with what all the rest my lipo buddies said,start again ,i know how u r feeling.my best friend is terminally ill with cancer at the moment,she has no family belong to either her or her husband around her,and its just me and another couple of close friends who r supporting her at the moment.i couldnt even tell her at the beginning i was on this diet,especially when i could see the weight falling off of her through illness.,there were nights when i wanted to pack it all in and stuff my face ,i was just feeling so low,then i realised i was doing this for me and no one else so i carried on.im glad i did now as eventhough im so sad over my pal,i need to do this to feel better in myself.if ur other half is saying u wont stick to it PROVE HIM U CAN.please get back to it again ,you can do it.good luck on the days ahead,xxxxxxxx
Hunny, everyone is allowed one falling off the wagon and I'm not surprised you did with all that stress to deal with at one time. It is very naughty of your OH to be so negative and unsupportive of you when you need it most. Prove the rotten devil wrong and get straight back on it. Remember how bad you feel at the mo to stop you doing it again. Most of us on LT got to our start weights because we turn to food at times of crisis, boredom, stress, upset and when you are further into to diet you will find you have broken that habit.

Don't let a man put you down - prove him wrong and become the delicious stunner you will become then see him grovel!!!!!!

We are here to help and support you so pop on here whenever you need us - or even when you don't!!!

Good luck babe.


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