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Hello All

It will be a year on Thursday that I started on the VLCD way of life. What a year it has been.......

Last July I weighed 16st 10lb and at 5'4" that had me wearing 20-22 size clothes. I was at rock bottom, food was controlling my life. I hated the power it seemed to have over me, I wanted to stop overeating but couldn't stop myself. I can remember sitting in my mum's garden wanting to fetch a drink but not being able to walk across the lawn as my thighs had rubbed so much that I couldn't move another step:( That was a turning point for me, I had heard of Lighter Life from a friend who had been successful with it, but had ruled it out due to the cost. At that point I would have sold my soul to raise the money! So we tightened our belts (pun intendd!) and I signed up for phase 1.

I never looked back and completed 100 days having lost over 4st I changed to CD due to cost. I lost another stone and a half but then made the fatal decision to take a break from SSing in order to celebrate Christmas. Which strangely enough lasted a month last year!:eek:

Since then I've never really got back into it. I've mucked about SSing for a few days then bingeing. I got down to 10st10lb but that jumped back up to 12st1lb last week:eek: Now back on track, (promise I mean it now) my is weight back down to 11st7lb.

Intend to SS until August 12th, when my best friend is renewing her wedding vows and is having a huge party and a chocolate fountain.........Afterwards I will SS all the way to 10st and then I WILL STABILISE:)

So that's my journey so far, hope you'll all be joining me along to the finishing line.........

Well done Cheb for baring your soul and telling it just as it is. You are a success and you will reach the milestone you want. Just be kind to yourself on the journey.

Morning All

Almost nibbled a bit last night DD & DH had a salad last night, their smoked cheese looked and smelt soooo tempting. Pat on the back for me cos I looked but didn't touch! Usually I would justify it by telling myself it's protein!

Still not back in the pink but weight has dropped a lb, now at 11st6lb.

Off to work in a bit, just finishing off my frothy coffee made with a vanilla shake. Will cycle along the seafront instead of driving in, I love to do that on a nice morning, puts me in a good mood for the day:)

Tried my hand at poetry writing, managed a limerick (almost) just posted it on the poetry thread - it's all about the taking part......mmm well I guess poety is not where my talents lie after all, ahh well keep looking!

Thank you Lighterlife girl and Mandy for your encouraging words.

Have a good day everyone.


Hi Cheb! Well I'm glad you are back on the straight and narrow! It has been a real roller coaster ride for the both of us in the last twelve months, but this time you and I are going to see it through to the end! We can do this Nikkie!
Tracey x
Evening All

Got through the day so far without giving food even a second thought. Strange, these VLCD's are all about having the right mindset aren't they? Feel really into the swing of things already.

Quite busy at work, but a nice day without any moaning minis; the weather brings out the best in people doesn't it?

Our shop is officially the coldest place in the town, several customers have told me today how good our air con is. To which I have replied through gritted, chattering teeth 'I know'.......maybe I am in ketosis after all:D

Off out tonight for a girly gossip and lots of the fizzy stuff.

Hope you've all had a good day.


When I go shopping on hot days, I purposefully FIND shops with the best air con! It helps! :rolleyes:

If you were freezing, then maybe youre right and you ARE in Ketosis!

Lots of luck honey!
Another Day over


Another day done and dusted, promised myself an early night but here I am just having my 3rd pack and it's gone midnight already.

So pleased that my pal Tpott has joined us here. We've done it before Tracey, and we'll do it again. I feel this is like a fresh start and we've recaputred some of the enthusiasum that we had last July.

Off to bed now, catch you in the morning.


Had my hair done's not good!! I've gone purple:eek: My 'friend' said she'd bought a tint just a bit redder than my usual wrong she was, it's burgundy!!!!!!

We put a copper over the top that she happened to have with her, it's helped but it's not disguised it all.

The family are having a barbie - even though it's gone dark and stormy looking - I'm very very tempted to join them. My Chatterbox is busy telling me how good I look compared with last year and that it doesn't matter if I don't lose anymore etc etc.


Hi Nikkie
I forbid you to go anywhere near that BBQ! I am your friend and I am not going to let you do something you will later regret! Yes you do look great, but you are not at the weight you want to be so you are going to stick to SS untill you are! There concider yourself told off!
Hugs Tracey xxx
Cheb said:
Thank you Friend!

Is the purple writing in honour of my hair disaster?

Yep! How did you guess LOL :D :D :D :D

Your hairs not that bad is it? God I hope it isn't!

Hair is still purple, but I'm not quite so shocked when I catch sight in the mirror, DH actually liked it and he never usually likes anything I do with my hair.

Weight unchanged this morning, can't expect a drop every day I suppose.

Just been out with the dogs, last nights storm really hasn't cleared the air at all, it's still muggy.

Survived the barbie but it was a close thing!!!

Off to work now to ensure the nation is seeing the world clearly:cool: Wonder what this hot humid weather will do to my patients mood?

Hope all are well.

Hi Nikkie!
So glad you didn't give in to temptation last night, I am really proud of you! Well Done! :) :)
You don't have long to go now, I know that this time you will get to your goal!
Hope you have a great day at work and give my love to everyone. I hope to be joining you all soon.
Tracey x
Ps. Happy 1 year aniverasry on VLCD! This will be our last year though cause we are going to be thin!!! LOL.
Good Morning Nikkie
I just wanted to pop in and wish you a lovely day! I do hope you are still being very good and sticking to SS!
I'm off to the hairdresser this morning! I'm not looking forward to it, as you know I have a bit of a phobia about looking in the mirror! Yikes!!! But it's got to be done, my hairs a mess and I think it will do me good to have a new do!
Have a great day and be strong and stick to SS. You are nearly at the finish line now! I can't wait to see how lovely and glam you look in your new cerise dress!
Hugs Tracey xxx
Brain? What brain?

:eek: Morning All

It's my 16th wedding anniversary today. I forgot to buy a card for DH so had to predtend to still be asleep when he left for work this morning:eek: I'll buy one today and he'll never know that I forgot!!!!

It was a year yesterday that I started LL, forgot to acknowledge that in yesterdays post.......funny that cos I thought VLCD's improved your thought process, seems that mine has turned to mush.

So time to reflect on the last year and appreciate how far we have come, Tpott, me and Helly who is now our CDC. WOW, we are just not the same people any more:D :D :D It's like the real us has climbed out of our fat suits.:D

Weight is still sticking, never mind it will drop soon I'm sure. Blimey this is day 6 of the latest (& last) restart, still not in the pink but I'm not hungry.

Off to tidy the house up a bit, catch you later.

Morning All

Welcome Supergran, glad you found us ok:D
See you soon, for another stint at the sweet factory:eek:

Fell off the wagon a bit yesterday, yes I know Tracey, there's no such thing as nearly SSing, but what's important to me is that I haven't lost sight of my goal and I haven't got up this morning with the attitude that I might as well carry on eating for the weekend. Having said that as I'm definitely not in ketosis anyhow, I might eat a bit at our barbie tonight:eek:

Speaking of the barbie, must root out the gazebo cos flippin' typical after a week of a heatwave, tonight rain is forecast:mad:

Walked the dogs on the beach last night, the tide was out and it was so beautiful, felt like we were on holiday. DS stood too long in the sea and got his feet stuck in the sand! Had to leave his wetsuit shoes behind cos there was no shifting them! If anyone's walking down that way at low tide look out for a pair of blue sandals size 2:D

So how is everyone else doing? Still popping the pills, Supergran? Tpott, you are storming along, I know, think how empowered you will feel tomorrow when you resist it all tonight. I'm so proud of you.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Good morning, Cheb - Happy Anniversary to you and OH!!!
I hope you have a lovely day - or was it yesterday?? - and well done on your year of weightloss! I'm a couple of months behind you and I still can't believe I've been doing it so long!!
Purple hair?? We want pictures! lol