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Cheese Investigation!


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Hi all,

I noticed in a couple of threads the mystery surrounding cheese and how it maybe stalling some people and not others. Maybe we could do a little check on the brands to see what's working and what's not?

I'll start:

Asda basic Mild Cheddar: OK
Asda full fat cream cheese: OK
Sainsburys basic cream cheese: OK
Applewood - OK
Babybel - OK
Cheesestrings - OK
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As far as I know, it stalls because cheese and milk based dairy contains lactose. Anything ending in 'ose' is a sugar. Dairy is the most common adult food sensitivity so I expect people sensitive to lactose get stalled by it. I shouldn't think it's to do with brands.


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I've been thinking about lactose - even though on my plan i'm allowed whole milk in my tea the sugars on my diary on my fitness pal are quite high, and i'm wondering if it's all the milk. I'm going to try and limit my tea and cheese a bit more, it makes sense.


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how are you doing Rosebug?


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Has anyone tried the lactose free dairy products? Is it just milk they do or do they make lactose free cheese?

Anyone know carb contents for that either? I might go to asda after work and check!


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LVLLT said:
how are you doing Rosebug?
Personal lifes a bit of a mess so not up to diary keeping. Look in here when I can but only semi-low carb right now. Have managed not to gain at least.

Thanks for askingxxx

Re lactose free stuff: there is an enzyme called lactase you can get as a pill if you're lactose intolerant too. No idea if it would affect loss.


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Hugs Rose - nice to see you though x


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According to Mark Sisson (Mark's Daily Apple founder and promoter of the 'paleo' lifestyle) there is no lactose left in cheese once it is made.

Cheese, though, is a different beast altogether. It’s technically dairy, but much of what makes dairy so problematic for people is mostly absent from the best cheeses. Take lactose, for example. Lactose, or milk sugar, is what keeps the roughly 2/3 of the world’s population that are lactose intolerant from consuming dairy (other than availability or cultural issues, of course). When most cheese is made, however, the lactose in milk is converted into lactic acid by bacteria. The resultant acid begins the curdling process that eventually results in cheese, and little – if any – lactose remains at the end. Sometimes even trace amounts of lactose can trigger sensitive individuals, but cheese is usually fairly safe. A good general rule is the longer a cheese is aged, the less lactose it’ll have. Another thing to remember: the less lactose a cheese has, the less carbohydrates.
All bold text was what he chose to bold, I couldn't change it for some reason!

Maybe we should all be breaking out the vintage cheddar :D
That's really useful James! Thank you :) x


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I had lactose intolerance after surgery and cheese definitely triggered it so that's surprising! Interesting to know.
Hmmm, it's all cheeses for me


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Hiya Rose, lovely to see you!! xx

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