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Cheryls Diary

I can't promise to post every day as I don't always have Internet access/good mobile signal at work but here goes:-

Fridays menu :-
B galette
L turkey meatloaf and muller light vanilla yogurt
D home made beef burgers salad with 1 egg and cottage cheese
Drinks lots of tea and 1.5l water

B muffins in natural yogurt
L turkey meat loaf and cottage cheese
S onken vanilla yogurt
D chicken strips


B muffins in plain yogurt
L scrambled eggs
D chicken & veg
Tea and water
Have to drive my daughter back to Uni later so will take water with me and proberbly have some vanilla yogurt as a snack when I get back.
Drinks lots of tea not much water so far so will go and drink some now!
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Motivation not too high as I have put back on 2lbs also it's OH's birthday so we have been out for a meal.

B 2 muffins with natural yogurt
L chicken tikka, cottage cheese vanilla yogurt
D warm chicken salad no dressing
Ok so far but then spoiled it with a glass of wine and a pudding!
D lots of tea and will have drunk 1.5l of water by bed time

Could really do with losing 3lbs before next weekend to keep me going!


Goat herder(ess)
How often are you weighing yourself, Cheryl? Some fluctuations can occur over the week so I found that a once a week weigh-in was enough to give me a good idea of which direction I was headed, weight-wise.

Oh dear about the slip-up. Are you eating enough protein? If you're in ketosis, it should help you not to feel hungry and to resist temptation. In the meantime, drink plenty of water to try and flush it out of your system and keep your resolve strong not to go off the rails again.
I get weighed everyday, even if I'm not dieting but when I am I set a weigh in day and only record that weight! I just use it as a reference marker!
I didn't slip up because I was hungry! I didn't over eat in any respects but part of it was not Dukan friendly! I was a pound down again this morning but that still only takes me to 5lbs in 18 days. Will carry on until at least Friday (official weigh in day) I made chicken soup last night so I am still committed.
I wondered if I mite be over doing the yogurt? I put all Sundays menu details into a calorie counting app and it added up to 1200 so even on that basis I should still lose something!
Will post today's menu later need to nip to shop for eggs and milk!


** Chief WITCH **
This diet doesn't work on calories. It works on not eating over a certain amount of carbs and no fat or sugar. Once that process is broken (ie wine and pudding), you'll regain some weight and to get back into ketosis you'll need to restart.

Shame! We always advise starting at a time when there are no events likely to cause a slip up
Whilst I appreciate that in an ideal world we would be able to diet with no distractions that just doesnt happen in real life. We have to sometimes bend the diet to work around events that come up rather than jump on and off which would probably involve starting at an even higher weight. I know this diet works due to the very low level of carbs and being in Ketosis, I have done Cambridge before and understand the principal. I chose to start now as we can always find an excuse to put off starting a diet because of this event or that. My point was that even out of Ketosis on the calories consumed I should still be losing something longer term.
I want/need to lose a maximum of 1 1/2 stone before my hols in november if it takes me til then so be it, I was hoping it would be quicker!
I feel slimmer and have got back into smaller jeans even if the scales arnt keeping up.

Thanks for your comments.

B Muffins and natural yogurt
L Chicken tikka, cottage chesse, muller light vanilla yogurt
D Home made chicken soup

Drinks Tea & Water

B Muffins and natural yogurt
L Home made chicken soup, Vanilla yogurt
D Steak and veg or maybe turkey meatloaf

Drinks Tea & Water
Sadly a few people start Dukan thinking they can "bend " the rules to suit "life".. most of those have fallen off the diet when they just cant under stand how they just keep gaining and only losing a bit . all that is being lost is the carbs and water they gained in the little variation of the odd cake the odd glass of wine ect ...
I would urge you to re read the Dukan diet book and his section on the scinence behind the diet , as its not a calorie controlled diet and therefore works differently to one ,
if you dont follow dukan you wont lose , same as if you dont follow a calorie controlled diet you wont lose on that either ,,, same outcome different approaches

no one on here is lecturing ect but weve been here a long time and seen people start with their own ideas of how to make it fit in with their life , when you have to change and take your life to the diet .


Goat herder(ess)
There are little things you can do to help when you come up against an event. For instance, before my husband's office Christmas party, I ate a Dukan-friendly meal to stop me feeling tempted to eat the non-Dukan-friendly food.

It's also good if you have a partner or friend on which you can palm off food. I gave my starter to my husband, then ate the Dukan-friendly meat and veg components of the main course, giving my dessert to my husband also. If he hadn't been there, I would have either made the true excuse that I wasn't feeling hungry or I'd have told a little fib and said that I had a bit of an upset tum.

Drinks-wise, Diet Coke is a fantastic standby - and no one actually realises that you don't have any spirits, such as vodka, in there if that could be a problem. Similarly, something like tonic water would be okay (I think - unless there are any nasties in there that I don't know of).

Unfortunately, as the others have said, it's the kind of diet where you really need to follow it whole-heartedly (especially during Attack and Cruise) in order for it to work as well as it can. Definitely worth reading through the part in the book which explains the reasoning behind this.

ETA: For the birthday meal, I would have had meat and veg, with water or Diet Coke to drink, skipping the rest. As it was your OH's birthday, maybe he might have appreciated finishing off your pudding for you! ;-)
Just realised I have misread the recipe for the muffins, doubled it for two days but only put in 2tbs oatbran. Will make another batch today with the correct quantities!
Thursday PP
B muffins and natural yogurt
L turkey meatloaf & maybe the last of my chicken soup
D Beefburger/chicken breast, yogurt
(new batch of muffins correct quantities of oatbran!)
B 2 muffins
L Turkey meatloaf & Cottage cheese, yogurt
D Chicken soup
S Muffin & Yogurt
Probably not enough water today, will try harder tomorrow
Finally lost another 1lb, rather than yoyoing on the same 2/3!!
Domestic crisis OH fused the oven so
Missed breakfast
L chicken breast
D chicken strips
S yogurt & muffins

Scambled egg
Chicken & veg
2 muffins

Chicken breast cottage cheese
Yogurt 2 muffins
Dentist so mouth numb for hours
Mushroom omelette

Chicken breast cottage cheese
Steak & veg
Yogurt 2 muffins


** Chief WITCH **
I'm a wee bit lost looking at your menus trying to figure out what pattern of PP / PV you're doing. I see veg for one meal each day (but one!), is that what you're trying?
Erm, not intentionally, I find Saturdays easy to do PP and Sundays PV but with going to the dentist on Monday I couldn't eat anything remotely firm and could only come up with an omelette!
It is difficult at lunchtime in the week as I often have no cooking facilities at all so can't heat anything up. I'm not a salad fan as this means diet food!
I know I am carb sensitive and WW and SW just don't work for me. I appreciate I may not be following the rules by the book but its probably the best I can do.
If i did do 1 meal (most days) PV do you think this will still work even if a little slower?
Sorry thats a long ramble and asked more questions than answered



** Chief WITCH **
As you say, the weight loss will be a little slower but, presuming you did a "normal" attack period with at least 3 days' pure protein, you should be in ketosis and you will lose weight.

It's a shame though that you don't enjoy salad - neither did I "in my previous (aka fat) life" - but I find my tastes have widened, and I'm a lot less fussy, these days... I always think it's a good idea to try things again when dieting as, afterwards, "real life" awaits us...

It'll be interesting to see how well you do lose with that sort of a routine. You don't have a lot to lose so it'll be less of a shock to the system when you move to Conso at target and need to eat veg/salad six times a week, two meals a day!!!

Good luck and keep posting those menus!
B muffins
L chicken breast
D chicken casserole veg and mushroom
S sf jelly & vanilla yogurt

Thurs ( so far)
B muffins
L turkey meatloaf and cottage cheese
D will be fish not sure what with or how it will be cooked yet.

Weight not really moving, been back up 3lbs most of the week, looks like I will have to try harder to do proper PP/PV days. Will see how my menus/weight goes over the w/e. Was hoping to be in the 11's by the end of the month but doesn't look like it's going to happen.


** Chief WITCH **
Could be unfortunate that your veg meal is always evening... meaning the water weight is there in the morning... still, there's nothing wrong in your menus, and I know some people who chose to stay on PV every meal of every day and lost in the end!

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