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cherylxx's food diary


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well, i keep forgetting to do a written food diary (slapped hand for me) so maybe since im on minimins for most of the day (cough.. and night) i will have more success doing it here.

Saturday diary:

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (hex B)
semi skimmed milk (hex A)
sliced banana

lunch: apple
handful of grapes ( i know, not the best lunch)

Dinner: 5 crackerbread (hex B)
3 laughing cow light (from 5 allowed as a hex A)
salad (lettuce with spraylight balsamic dressing), tomato, cucumber, onion, cottage cheese, boiled egg, pickles and beetroot.

no snacks or syns so far today but the night is young

As you can see the day has so far been superfree foods. main reason is in case i get the munchies later (saturdays always bad for me), then i can choose from either more superfree food OR pasta n sauce if i decide to go green or some cold meats and maybe a fridge raiders tikka chicken pack (1.5 syns) if i decide red.... we will see how the mood takes me. :)
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B: none (oops)
L: banana and apple (oops, was on the go, collecting my little chickens :))
D: chicken and herb supernoodles, a few new potatoes, sliced tomato, beans and frylight fried egg (courtesy of one of the chickens who laid an egg on the journey :))
S: 5 crackerbread (hex B) with 4 laughing cow light (hex A)
packet of rainbow drops (11 syns)


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B: weetabix (Hex B)
semi skimmed milk (hex A)

L: nothing ( need to stop doing that)

D: savoury rice and tinned ravioli with green beans (weird but wonderful mix :p)

S:1 packet of rainbow drops (11 syns)
seem to be getting addicted to rainbow drops now :sigh:
i dont even eat breakfast, never have, not even when i was in school!
as for dinner i rarely eat dinner unless im up early! im very lazy and dont roll outta bed til 2pm,so i wait til tea time (6pmish)

today all ive had is:

1 small skinless chicken portion done on the george foreman grill
2 small jacket potatos
small portion of salad!

i feel good, but im absolutely starvin at moment but dont have any low fat snacks, except toast? is that ok?
i think im jus gonna go to sleep, that way my appetite will be forgotten about lol x


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wow stacey, ur not eating much at all.
toast is fine as a hex b option using ur bread as the hex b.
butter or spread would be synned, or u could top with tinned tomatoes if on a red day or beans if on green.
hope u got through the night alright.
think i would end up bingeing if i didnt have anything low fat in the house and had eaten very little.
what are hex bs and syns??

lastnight i cracked a little ! i had 3 ryvita with mature chedder and cucumber, and half a baked bean toastie! not too bad i guess!

today ive eatten

chicken breast portion
lots of salad
1 jacket potato
an apple

thats all ive had so far, ill probs have crackers and light cheese spread later though lol
oh and im really cravin crisps and chocolate!! im not going to give in tho lol


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ok today was weigh in day so i didnt eat much during the day.

B: weetabix (theres a pattern emerging there, lol) Heb b with semi skimmed milk (hex a)
L: nothing :rolleyes:
D: beans on 1 slice wholemeal toast (hex b) with dry fried egg.
1 tablespoon jack daniels barbeque sauce (1 syn)
another bloomin packet of rainbow drops as a snack (11 syns)

hi night , yes rainbow drops are 4 syns for 28g and there are 80g in a big bag. eating a bag takes me about an hour though. i try to eat them slowly. lol

stacey, what days are u doing ? red or green?
red or green? whats that mean hun? im not familiar to all this! im not followin any particular diet, i just eat hardly nothing, like salad and chicken x


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wow stacey, why do u do that to urself hun?
do u not have much appetite or do u do this just to lose weight?
on slimming world red days are days filled with lots of meat, fish, basically proteins as well as a selection of vegetables and fruits and u can eat as much as u want (literally).
green days are filled with carbs. for example potatoes, pasta , rice etc and all the fruits and vegetables . again there is no limit to what u can eat.
i love the plan as im never ever hungry.
maybe worth u looking into it if ur only eating so little because of ur desire to lose weight. :)


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B: weetabix (hex b) with semi skimmed milk (hex a)

L: erm, tum ti tum, (coughs) still no lunch.

D: chick pea dahl with added tinned tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, extra curry powder, tinned chickpeas, tin of baked beans and fresh garlic (served family of 4)(all free)
served with boiled rice.

S: flake (9 syns)
crackerbreads (hex b) with 3 laughing cow light (part of a hex a)
im all out of rainbow drops :cry:


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lol, im around now.
the herby girls are fast asleep now :D.
for the chick pea dahl i use, 1-2 tins chick pea dahl (either asdas own brand or morrisons sell sundar brand).
dry fry (using frylight) 1 large onion and add to the chick pea dahl in a large pan.
chop a handful of mushrooms.
one tin of chickpeas
tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of baked beans.
add to the pan. then add 1 heaped teaspoon curry powder and 1 crushed garlic clove.
add all ingredients to the pan and simmer for 20 minutes.
serve with boiled rice and/or baked potato wedges.
yummmmm :D


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chickens need cotton socks? rut roh, i better get darning some. ;)
sorry i didnt reply last night. i noticed u werent in the user list so i logged off and called it a night (there was only me here and it was kinda lonely, lol)
my day was tough yesterday. i soo wanted chocolate.
totm still hasnt arrived do i think im just getting the pre menstrual munchies :eek:.
ive only had my weetabix and a banana so far today. i really should try and eat more in the day, then im sure i wont be so hungry in the evening.
come 8pm i feel like raiding the fridge, thelarder, the cupboards, could raid tesco to be honest. lol
how u doing? (i sound like joey from friends) :D

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