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chick pea/veg/fruit queries to answer plse ...

I all - I have read various interesting comments on this site and do have a coupla questions, so apologies for starting a new 'fred' but wasn't sure where to put it :- (so to speak) ... ;o)
1. This thing about using chick peas (FREE on GREEN) - yet when they're used in a cake, they have to be syned because they're not 'being eaten the normal way' .... SURELY if you (ie) have half a can of chick peas in a soup (FREE) or use the same amount in a cake (SYNED), you are still using the same amount!!! You may say that this wldn't happen as y'd need more than half a can or whatever for a cake, but even if you eat TWO cans etc .... the same goes - should be FREE on green, however you eat them.
2. Not being allowed to mush up or liquidise fruit as it then becomes 'SYNED' - yet we CAN mush up and liquidise veggies (ie) for soups - without incurring syns. Does this mean we can't use orange juice (like for a recipe) straight from a fresh orange?
Yr comments per-leeeze ....
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when you juice fruit it would take alot more to fill you up than eating 1 orange for example....
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Yes mushing up veggies is fine

Orange juice needs to be synned but lemon is syn free - not sure about lime juice but I suspect syn free as well

As for the chickpeas, yes they are free but when in a meal they are usually eaten along with other free and superfree foods so they fill you up for a long time. When used as a flour substitute in cake you would be eating them as a snack and it is far easier to overconsume calories as it wouldn't fill you up as much.

I used to wonder why blitzing fruit made it synful but not veg, I then thought back to basic Home Ecc from school & realised that fruit has a lot more natural sugar (fructose) than veg does - hence you're likely to take in a lot more than you would by munching a single piece.
Also, back to basic Home Ecc, I reasoned that chewing & digestion uses energy (ie calories) to break down food but, if your blender does that bit for the body there's nothing twixt swallowing & absorbtion to help 'counter' the actual number of calories you're taking in.
It's always best to stick totally to plan to get the best results but when I was totally happy with everything & especially when I reached target, if I lightly roast or soften a single apple or peach etc, I don't syn it or beat myself up.
Hope this helps ;)
S: 18st5.5lb C: 11st2lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 7st3.5lb(39.42%)
However, the fruity exception is the avocado. The can pulverise it, boil it, bake it.... It never gets more synful no matter what you do to it. Odd that.
Probably because it 's so horrendously high in syns to start with no-one would want to eats loads of them :D
Hey you lot - fanx for your comments - really appreciated - some of the rules on SW are odd, yet 99% is fab and easy to follow - one last thought (b4 I bore you all zzzzzzzzzzzz silly) :- this EE option - I haven't tried it and never shall dare to - my theory being (dumb as it prob is), with SW, you get to eat lotza food, right? Never go hungry, always have lotza good food - and yet it works, we still lose weight. Soooooo, I think that by sticking to either green OR red, then you have that slight 'restriction' and makes you think it works because you're not mixing carbs with proteins, you know what I mean? But on EE, you seem to be able to have what you like, and this filling a third of yr plate with FREE food prob wldb't suit me as I tend to eat 'snack-like' (ie) I'd have a mug of home-made soup then grab a coupla Quorn sausages and later stick a spoon in a tin of beans or nick some spuds (on green) etc - so I wldn't be able to do the third-plate thing, and that's why I daren't try EE - does this make sense????? Love you!!!! xxxxxxxxx
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That makes sense if you are a grazer rather than a 3 squares meal kind of person. All the plans work so no worries there. Just do the one that fits in best with your taste and lifestyle. Or swap them about to see which one you get on best with. Good luck :)


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ok so the fruit juice versus veg juice thing again..

fruits have sugars which the body can use quite quickly where as veg have starches which need to be broken down into sugars for use.

each is contained in the fruit / veg inside celulose membranes which need to be broken to get at the starch / sugar.
This is usually done by digestion..
cooking or liquidising fruit / veg softens of breaks apart the celulose membranes making the sugar / starch readily available.
this means that for fruit your body can grab all the sugars quickly and easily and store them for later if there is an "overflow" above what is needed at the time..
for veg it still has to break down the starch so there's a good chance some of it will not be absorbed..
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Phew thanks coljack you know your stuff dont you! I only really eat fruit, just the odd plate of veg but not very often so stick to red and green.
Me too Hollys, for the reason I stated earlier - EE just seems too - well - 'easy' - with no restrictions - I usually do green days - today I'm doing a red so I eat some fish - I'm a grazer, I eat when I want - I freely eat Quorn bangers, mushrooms dipped in home-made FF dip and h/made soup as they're all FREE - then I chose what day to do when I want a protein when I'm ready - am on my 6th day now and feel I'm on my way - only want to lose a few pounds but they all help - poundage read '10' yesterday but '11' today - not worried as I know I haven't cheated and that you shldn't weight y'self every day ... I just thought I would tho!!! Big mistake lol xxx
S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
Oh yes smigget dont be weighing yourself everyday. It varies so much, you may depress yourself unnecessarily!. Good luck with your red and green days, they suit me much better too, and we can have those extra HEs toooooooo.

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