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Chickadee's food diary.

Started SW last week but didn't keep a food diary ( LOST 3LBS :D ) this is the start of week 2 for me so thought it would be beneficial to keep a record of what I'm eating. If anyone has any tips or advice to give please feel free :)

Extra Easy Friday, 29.07.2011


scrambled eggs
1/3 SF - loads of lightly fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes


mushy pea curry
new potatoes ( homegrown by my wee dad :D )
1/3 SF - Mixed fruit salad (strawbs, bluberries, Satsumas)
Fat free natural yogurt


Roast chicken
1/3 sf- mushrooms

A- 42g reduced fat cheddar
B- wholegrain crackerbread(4)

Syns- none today(saving for wedding tomorrow)
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Extra easy Saturday 30.07.2011


28g porridge (HEB)
250ml ss milk (HEA)
1/3 sf- 1/2 banana and lots of blueberries.


1/3 Sf- mixed salad, cucumber, toms, peppers.
Fat free cottage cheese


Wedding meal ( I had lots of yummy food and drink and went way over my syns for today
and yesterday combined : / )

Back on plan 100% tomorrow :)
Green, Sunday 31.07.2011

Woke up feeling really crappy after all the food and drink I had at the wedding last night. Back to plan today though.

brekkie ( well more of a brunch since I slept so late!)
57g wholemeal bread(toasted)-HEXB
42g reduced fat cheddar - HEXA
1/3 sf - satsuma and blueberries

late lunch

Ate out and there was a very limited menu!

baked potato and beans(again!)
1/3 sf - cherry toms and carrots sticks.


Having a light dinner due to getting up so late today!

mixed veg cous cous salad
1/3 sf - peppers, onion, mushrooms, courgette, salad leaves, tomstoes and cucumber.
2 crackerbread - 2nd HEB
Ff nat cottage cheese.

syns - 1 lindor chocolate from wedding favours last night - guessing 3 syns?( not having anymore syns today, hope the SW police don't come after me ;) )
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Hello :)

Your food diaries look good, but don't have too many syn free days after the wedding. You'll find you start to feel deprived without syns, and that's when things get dangerous! My tip after over-indulging is to drink lots of water...

Good luck on your weightloss journey x
Hi Chickadee83, when you say you woke up feeling crappy did you mean physically or emotionally? Because everyone needs the occasional day off plan, and to not feel at all guilty about it.It was just one day, and as it was a wedding it was a never to be repeated day at that! I hope you enjoyed yourself :) On the other hand it you meant physically then it's probably a good job it was just one day!! It's good you're keeping a diary on here, I'm thinking of starting one myself after my holiday xx
Charmel- yeah have been having loads of water today and felt better for it as the day wore on :) just had a lindor chocolate from the wedding favours from last night so will need to amend my syns! Getting back to full syns tomorrow! Thanks for looking at my food diary and for your advice :)
Hi blue bunny - Just physically crappy... Tired, sluggish, fuzzy head! I actually didn't drink TOO much I think it was just lack of sleep, always seem to wake up REALLy early the morning after I've been drinking! Had a lovely time at the wedding so it was all worth it :)

I've found it really beneficial keeping a food diary so far and hopefully it will help me identify which foods help slow/speed weight loss as time goes on. You should do one after your holiday for sure! Where are you off to?
Had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning to see the damage from the wedding... 1.5 lb gain! This has given me even more motivation to up my game this week - I now need to lose 3.5 lb to keep on my target of 2 lb per week...

Have decided to try a red day as seems to work really well for some...
Going to supermarket to pick up some things as don't have much meat in the house. Here's what I'm planning on having ( will update at end of day.)

Original - Monday 1.08.2011


2 eggs mashed in a cup
SF - Melon

Wasn't too hungry at lunchtime.
42g reduced fat cheddar(HEX A)
slices of wafer thin chicken

stovies consisting of extra lean mince, oxo cube(stock) potatoes(HEXB-198G)
SF -carrots, onion and green beans.

Homemade Low fat Hummus ( Made with free food and 113 g chickpeas fom 2nd HEB)
SF - cherry tomatoes for dipping.

Snacks - wafer thin chicken and cheese slice roll-ups.

low fat spread - 2
2 x Light cheese slices - 4
Total - 6
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Thanks silly sausage - I'm still
Quite new to slimming world so I'm still
A tiny bit unsure if I'm doing it right but the comments from people are encouraging! Glad you like the motto, trying my best to send out positive vibes :)
Hi there Chickadee you're doing fine from what I can see :) I'm off to Tunisia on the 10th, for 2 weeks, AI. Yikes!! Went there a couple of years ago and if I remember rightly gained 2 lbs over the fortnight, which I would be more than happy with this time around ;) Must have been something to do with the heat! Having said that the temperature in England at the moment must surely be having some slimming effect on us all......x
I live in Scotland and it's raining today :( we had some nice days last week though so can't complain!

I think to go away for 2 weeks and put on 2lbs in fab, I'm not long back from 3 weeks in Canada and put on 4lbs!

Holiday sounds great, hope you have a lovely time x
Original - Tues 2/08/2011

Had another sneaky peek on scales this morning and it seems the 1.5lb gain from the wedding has gone and I've lost another 1/2 lb on top of that!:D Defo not looking at the scales again until official weigh in on Friday!!!

I did my first Kettleworx work-out last night and have achey muscles today, can really feel it in my thighs and butt :D

Anyways, food plan for today....(another original day as hoping that attributed to the loss)

large fruit salad.
SF - banana, apple, strawberry and satsuma.
57g wholemeal bread (HEXB)
tuna in brine
light mayo,1 tbsp - 2.5 syns
light marg, 1 tbsp - 3 syns
250 ml semi-skimmed milk - (HEXA)

roast chicken with oxo paste to flavour
198g new potatoes with skin ( 2nd HEXB)
SF - broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and mushrooms.
Picture of my dinner(Didn't manage both pieces of chicken as was stuffed! I garnished it with chicken oxo paste and corriander and it was delicious!


forkful of coffee and walnut cake - 2 syns ( guess)
leftover chicken and mushrooms from dinner

total syns
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Your dinner looks lovely! I've had a red day too, and have some chicken thighs cooking in my halogen oven as we speak :) gonna have them with masses of mushrooms x
Hi blue bunny

Thanks it was a lovely dinner and very quick and easy too!

Mmm yours sounds good I LOVE mushrooms( as you can see by the massive portion)

Lying in my bed but can't sleep so thought I'd plan my meals for tomorrow. Decided to have another original day...

Wed 3/8/2011.

28g porridge oats - HEXB
250ml ss milk - HEXA
SF - strawberries, half banana

wafer thin chicken and egg salad.
SF - cherry toms, cucumber, peppers, pickled onion, mixed salad leaves.
1 wholegrain crackerbread(left over from HEXB above)
homemade low fat hummus - 2nd HEXB (chickpeas)


Went to carvery for dinner with a friend tonight and had a lovely dinner :)
turkey slices
yorkshire pudding - 3 syns
stuffing ball - 3 syns
gravy - 7 syns
(I have taken syn values from SW book and estimated amount of gravy!)
SF - carrots, peas, green beans and cauliflower.

Went to BINGO afterwards, didn't win but had such a giggle!

lean meat slice
natural yogurt

total syns
13 ( LOTS for me!)
Feel like I've eaten like a horse today!!!
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My slimming awards....


Week 1

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