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Chloecat's aim to be slim after a lifetime of fat!!

So I think I'm going to start a diary, to keep me on track and record some of the feelings I would like to post but then worry I'm clogging up the forum. Possibly this will be of no interest to anyone, but if anyone if at all interested in my journey then please stick around and comment if you wish!

So just a tiny bit of background. I am a 27 year old female who has quite literally been on a diet my whole life. A few years ago I found a diary I wrote when I was only 7-8, and my new year's resolution was to lose weight. Kind of sad in some respects :(

My heaviest weight ever was 17st 12lb's. My most successful attempt at dieting was about 3 years ago when I lost 3st and got down to my lowest weight ever of 14st 12lb's. This was achieved doing SW red/green days at home. Unfortunately I had a weekend of overindulgence to celebrate and was disheartened when about 3-4lb's went straight back on. That weekend turned into a week, and suddenly the stone I had fought so hard to shift was back. I lost my enthusiasm and gave up, something I deeply regret as I was doing so well.

So now I'm doing SW again, but this time I've joined a club and it is working well for me. I feel that my journey is being broken down into 7 day chunks and that keeps my determination and enthusiasm up high. So my start weight was 17st 5.5lb.s. I've been a member for 2 and a half weeks and so far lost 8.5lbs. My target weight is 10st 12lb's. My weigh in day is thursday.

So one of the reasons I have started this diary is because I do need a place where I can express my feeling is relation to my weight loss and how I feel about myself. Part of my decision to really conquer my weight problem has been wrapped up in how I feel about myself. I spent a number of years in a very bad relationship with a man who treated me badly and sometimes made nasty comments about my body. That relationship destroyed my confidence and self esteem and also triggered off depression, which I currently take medication for. On a brighter note, things have improved significantly since this relationship ended. I've found new friends who are so understanding and supportive and have begun very slowly to rebuild my self esteem. Part of that is losing weight - a counsellor told me I need to love myself regardless of my weight, and although this is true, I also know I would feel so much happier and more comfortable being slimmer.

So sorry if that was all rather boring, but hopefully some of you might be interested in sticking around as I head from size 18/20 to 10/12!! I will do it this time, this is finally my chance to do something for myself and live the life I really want! :)
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Wow what a busy day, have eaten loads!! Weigh in day tomorrow, really hoping for a good result. I think for the first time I really feel like I've lost weight this week. My trousers are ever so slightly baggier around the groin (lol, TMI!) and I just feel slimmer and healthier. Aiming for 3lb's off tomorrow.

Breakfast - mullerlite

Snack - pineapple

Lunch - chicken curry, rice, pineapple

Snack - mullerlite

Dinner - homemade burger in a bun and SW chips

Syns - 3 chocs, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup (9)

Pretty good overall. Eaten masses of pineapple and my curry was homemade in a tomato based sauce with lots of peppers. Only let down was lack of veg at dinner, but was really tired and after a hard day just really wanted some scrummy food. Overall this week I think my 1/3 superfree foods has been better. Been filling up on lots of fruit to compensate for my limited taste in vegetables and making sure veg is added to dishes when possible. Crossing fingers for tomorrow!
Hey!! Hope you have a good weigh in tomorrow - sounds like your head is definitely in the right place at the moment!!

I've just started a diary on here too - hope it helps with my journey too :D

Weigh in day - 3lb's off! :bliss:

And a Slimmer of the Month Award!! :bliss:

Very pleased, now only 2.5lb's to go for my 1 stone award. Going to push for it hard this week, am sure I can pull off another 3lb loss.

So weigh in day always means my meals go a bit odd, but this was what I had:

Lunch - tuna sandwich using HEB brown bread, 2 apples

Dinner - chicken curry and rice (including seconds!), half a mullerlite yoghurt (tasted a bit odd, so didn't finish)

Syns - 11 of chocolate, 0.5 for mayonnaise. (11.5 - slightly over for midweek but fancied a little bit of extra choc ;) )

So going for drinks tomorrow which will mean quite a few syns in wine, but am intending to be careful for the rest of the week as I want that 1 stone sticker. Also intending to do more exercise. I managed 2 sessions of walking this week which wasn't bad but most certainly had time for at least another 2, simply laziness that stopped me.

And I took my measurements to get a bit more of a boost to keep my spirits up enough to get my 1 stone sticker. In 3 weeks I've lost 2 inches of my waist and 1 inch off my hips! Nothing off my chest yet which is a shame, but give it time!
Drinks tonight!!

No point pretending, it's not going to be a good day for syns. I love my wine and used to have about 2-3 bottles a week, but have barely drunk anything since starting with SW. Am really keen not to sabotage my weight loss as I want my 1 stone sticker on thursday! It's lucky that my weak days are friday and saturday evening, meaning I have quite a bit of time before thursday weigh in to make up for any damage.

My intention is to still add up all my drinking syns tonight and reduce for the rest of the week to compensate. Am also going to step up the exercise this week as I could easily have done more. Am also going to try and up my fruit and veg intake a bit next week, am sure there were a few meals where my 1/3 superfree was a bit on the low side.

Well going to enjoy some lovely cold wine tonight, but not go crazy! And damage control for the rest of the week :)


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well done on your losses so far- i have a long way to get to target lots about your heaviest weight and after having lost a lot of weight becoming dishartened at a gain which turns into a much larger one over time i could have written that myself. i've already had a couple of gains but have a nice group and over time we will all get to our targets x

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