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Chocaslims journey to target


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Hi everyone,
well here we go this is a fresh start, I put on 7lbs in the last 2 weeks and i need to fit into a lovely emerald green dress that i want to wear to my cousins wedding in july. I need to be 100% no picking and if i do it needs to be fruit.
I'l update as i go along
Today is a green day=
Breakfast-apple and banana.
Lunch-pasta,and a huge salad with 28g cheese.
Dinner-linda MCcartney sausages x2= 4.0 syns,
New potatoes and beetroot, sweetcorn and peas
Syns- Rowntrees fruit pastels-5.0 syns
Total syns- 9.0 syns
Evening snack french toast with HEB and ff
HEB 2=hi fi bars new ones.
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Hi folks, did another green day today,
well i think i'm addicted to french toast i make it with 2x wholemeal dipped in egg fried in frylite and served with cinnimon and sweetner and ff yoghurt yum.

Breakfast-ff yoghurt, apple and banana.
Lunch-tinned toms with garlic and thyme
Dinner- jacket spud with cheese and baked beans, tinned tomatoes and 2 linda mccartney sausages.
HEA=28g cheese
HEB1=1x hifi bar new ones/1x 400g wholemeal bread
HEB2=x2 wholemeal bread for french toast.
Syns=fruit pastiles 1/2 roll-2.5


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to meeee!!!:D

Ive just eaten a box of chocolate coated macadamias given to me at work and they were lush works out at 30 syns so i'll just deduct it of my weekly syns ive only used 7 so far this week.

Today is a green day-
Breakfast-2 egg omlette with linda mccartney sausages.
AM snack= baby corn
Lunch-none as i sat and ate my birthday choccis.
Dinner- pasta, 28g cheese and mushy peas with lots of salad.Edited(didnt have mushy peas so just onions and sweetcorn)

HEA=28g cheese
HEB=Fibre plus(forgot to buy them)
HEB= not sure yet.
Syns= linda sausages-4.0

Total used so far this week=41 so thats not bad really i'l just control what i have over the weekend until tuesday WI.
OOps no HEB today must be more organised.
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Just to say hope you had a good birthday hun!x (and ur dairy is looking good so far!)


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wow ive been useless since easter:eek: but ive lost 3lbs this week since being back on plan this week so thats given me a bit of a boost


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Hi everyone, well its wednesday morning and a fresh week as far as wi goes....
today ive had a ff yoghurt so far as im going jogging after school run to hand some leaflets out to promot my job il have something more substantial when i get back :D
Have a great day everyone and good luck to the wednesday weighers


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Well i did my jogging as i must say this exercise lark is way over rated lol:8855:sweaty, puffed out just isnt me i'm afraid.
but i did it so hurrah for me.

my meals are in the zone but unfortunatley my head isnt... normally i'd dissappear onto another diet plan by now but im hoping if i write it down il be ok.

im silly really cos i want to be slim but at the same time i want to eat, eat and eat all the wrong foods ive got 6lbs till target so if i stop now il waste all the work ive done so far i hate being restricted i feel as if i need to rebel against the plans. but I CAN DO THIS she says fingers crossed.:rolleyes:


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I so need to learn portion control im stuffed think my dinner was a bit big but i havent got the urge to reach for syns just yet.
also feeling alot better than earlier i suppose it gets to you sometimes.

Green day-
Breakfast= yoghurt, 2x egg omlette
apple banana
lunch= potato and leek soup.
Dinner=rice, mushy peas, fried egg,salad.
2 tuc biscuits=2.0
1/2 a penguin=3.0
2 finger kitkat=5.5

HEA=6x laughing cow extra light cheeses
HEB=fibre plus bar
HEB=x2 weetabix

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