Struggling to get to target


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Hi all

I'm struggling at the moment - I want to lose around another stone and a half but feel like I'm stuck at a stand still. I started losing again and then went on holiday for 2 weeks, gained half a stone which I wasn't bothered about as I'd had a good holiday and I got straight back on plan when I got back. Lost weight the first couple of weeks, gained last week due to star week. I've had a few sneaky weighs since (official WI is on Friday) and it's not looking good. Before the holiday I got down to just below 10 stone, I went up to 10 and a half and then back down to 10 stone 3, but am now back up to 10 stone 5.... it just feels so disheartening. I'm hoping I will be pleasantly surprised when I weigh tomorrow but I'm not feeling positive. I decided I am going to give it another few weeks and see where I get. For now I'm going to start a detailed food diary to hopefully see where I am going wrong.

Breakfast - rice pudding with blackberries and raspberries (I make this up using pudding rice with sweetener and water, I then mix in a mullerlight before adding the berries)
Lunch - wholemeal pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes and passatta
Tea - beef stragonoff with wholemeal rice (this is made with philli light HEA, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, beef and onions)
Snacks - baked crisps (5.5 syns), mango, apple, pear, banana, peach, kellogs chocolate delight (HEB) Aldi small chocolate bar (6 syns)

I've had two black coffee's today, a black chai tea, 2 fruit tea's and just under 2 litres of water
I've also started pole dancing and my arms are quite sore... I don't think it would account for my weight completely but there may be some element of water retention in my muscles (I don't know, I'm really not an expert on these things... just trying to figure out why the weight won't shift this time around)
So, I lost the 1.5lb I gained last week. I'm happy with that, hopefully I'll see a few more losses before next star week looms again.

Todays food

Breakfast - rice pudding and berries as above
Lunch - wholemeal pasta with onions, tomatoes and BBQ sauce (slimming world made with diet coke and passatta)
Tea - hunters chicken (made with the slimming world BBQ sauce, bacon with no fat and HEA of cheese) slimming world chips and fried onions and peppers
Snacks - banana, kiwi, passion fruit, apple, pear, mango, nectarine, baked crips (5.5 syns), white lion bar (10 syns) and HEB kellogs chocolate delight

I know I've gone half a syn over on my syns... but I really fancied both and I will make up for it later on in the week as I very rarely have the full 15 syns.
I really want to make that hunters chicken...but I will prob have to syn the cheese (can't give up my milk lol)
I love it in all fairness I think it would be worth synning the cheese for.

Todays plan so far

Breakfast - rice pudding with berries
Lunch - 2 ASDA reduced fat sausages (3 syns), bacon, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and two fry light fried eggs
Tea - half a pack of savoury rice, fried mushrooms, onions and peppers with chicken
Snacks - Kellogs chocolate delight (HEB) milk in drinks (HEA) Wispa gold (12 syns)

Not had any yet but I have loads of fruit to snack on if I feel like it for the evening. (haven't had the wispa gold yet either but looking forward to it). I weighed again this morning and was down to 10 stone 1... I'm going to try and stay off the scales until Friday morning as I know I can get very obsessed with weighing.
Been another great day food wise, top end of the syns again, but we now have no more wispa golds in the house so I should be okay lol

Breakfast - sausage (3 syns), egg, tomatoes and bacon
Lunch - savoury rice (I know I should have had some veg but was in a rush)
Tea - homemade burgers, cheese (HEA) slimming world chips, fried onions and peppers
Snacks - HEB chocolate delight, wispa gold (12 syns) will probably have some fruit tonight
Fairly standard Monday, more painting done today.

Breakfast - yogurt with banana and blueberries
Lunch - beef salad
Tea - turkey and chickpea curry with wholemeal rice
Snacks - pineapple, apple, banana, HEB chocolate delight bar, sensations poppadoms (3 syns), milk in drinks HEA, white chocolate lion bar (10 syns) pear, ham slices, grapes, nectarine
Pole dancing tonight, loads of new bruises to keep me going for the week but feeling really good

Breakfast - Rice pudding with blackberries and blueberries
Lunch - beef salad
Tea - Turkey meatballs with spicy tomato sauce and wholemeal pasta. Cheese (HEA)
Snacks - apple, pear, nectarine, mango, chocolate delight (HEB) baked crisps (5.5 syns) ALDI chilli chocolate bar (6 syns) grapes
Breakfast - rice pudding with blackberries and chopped apple
Lunch - ham salad
Tea - cauliflower cous cous with roast chicken
Snacks - apple, banana, mango, nectarine, crabsticks, walkers sensations poppadoms (3 syns),

Not had my HEB yet but it will either be a kellogs chocolate delight or two alpen light bars. I will also have some more chocolate as syns, between 8 - 10 syns depending on which bar I decide to go for
Feeling quite down, I feel like it's going to be another week of not losing :( will find out tomorrow, I'm out tomorrow for a leaving do as well. Indian, I will try and go for just boiled rice and a tomato based curry... but we'll see.

Todays plan anyway

Breakfast - rice pudding with banana and blueberries
Lunch - ham salad
Snacks - two alpen lights (HEB) milk in drinks (HEA) apple, nectarine, mango, banana, crabsticks, bounty bar (13.5 syns)
I am doing a couple of speed days this week to help give it a boost...maybe try that. :)

Also, sometimes a bit of change will give the metabolism a boost.
Also, don't restrict your intake of food as this can sometimes cause the opposite affect. Your body may think you are starving it and hold on to everything. :)
Good luck for the week ahead hunny xxx
Hello, here to follow and support. I know exactly where you're coming from I got down to under 10:7 and then started piling it back on and no matter what those scales just would not go the right way! Don't give up, you can and will do it. I'd suggest measuring yourself as I've had times when I've gained or had STS but measured and showed a difference of at least an inch in parts.
Also, make sure you're drinking 6-8 glasses water..I rang my consultant on Monday as all bloated & scales were showing a gain (WI..Thurs) she said I'm probably not drinking enough. Good luck..cheering you on X
Thank you all for your responses I have been AWOL this week. However I am happy to report I was on plan all week (except for a bottle of wine and some naan bread on Friday night) I'm feeling a lot more positive now and hopefully will start to see the losses I deserve. Thank you all for your support it is appreciated.


Breakfast - pear, blueberries, raspberries and yogurt
Lunch - Beef salad
Tea - Hunters chicken made with slimming world BBQ sauce (HEA cheese) with slimming world chips and fried mushrooms and onions
Snacks - ALDI salt and vinegar peapod crisp things (4.5 syns), ALDI cereal bars (HEB) mullerlight, mango, fig, ALDI chocolate bar (6 syns)
2lb off today

food has been

Breakfast - melon, raspberries, blueberries and yogurt
Lunch - beef and tomato salad
Tea - home made burgers without a bun but with cheese (HEA) slimming world chips and fried onions and mushrooms
Snacks - pear, orange, melon, lentil snacks from ALDI (4 syns) mullerlight, kellogs chocolate delight (HEB) wispa (7.5 syns) or another chocolate bar for less than 10 syns, crabsticks, apple
Last day of September and I managed to resist a pumpkin spice latte

Breakfast - pineapple, melon and mango with a ALDI yogurt (1 syn)
Lunch - cooked breakfast, 2 Morrisons eat smart sausages (1 syn) beans, bacon with no fat, tomato and mushrooms
Tea - slimming world risotto (HEA for cheese)
Snacks - sliced beef, apple, mango, kellogs chocolate delight (HEB) probably rolo's as my syns (13 if not something that is less than that), crabsticks