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Chocolate mad!


Have been doing slimming world for a few months now, and I'm not giving it my all at the moment!

Does anyone have any suggestions to beat the sugar cravings? I really love chocolate and am really struggling to keep it minimal or out of my diet at all.

I've tried substituting it with yoghurt, fruit, veggies, drinks, hot chocolate - but nothing is killing that craving.

Any suggestions or alternatives I would REALLY appreciate!!!

Many thanks!! :D
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Have you looked at the syn values thread, regarding a list of synned chocolate? here it is if you havnt...


Dont deprive yourself, if you love chocolate then use your syns for it. Sometimes i have the odd curly wurly when i want something sweet.




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I love the Cadbury Light Mousses - really chocolatey and only 3 Syns each!

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My 3 favourite low syn chocolate treats are cadburys light mousses (3 syns), chocolate mini milks (1 1/2 syns) or matchmakers (1 syn per stick). If all else fails a couple of matchmakers really hit the spot for me. Also choc & fudge alpen lights are a great chocolately HeB choice
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Most days I have a choc treat. My recent purchase was aero mini's (not so mini though) for 5.5 syns, i had one last night with hot choc using left over milk. All for 7.5 syns. Other treats I have for 5.5 syns or under are the treat size bags of choc, malteasers, mini m&ms, milky way stars, twix, mars, milky way. (mars and milky way never quite do it for me as they're so dinky) Also bought yesterday flakes, 6.5 syns for a normal size flake :)

I find saving a HEb for evening too is a good one, I love weetabix or an alpen light as evening treat :)


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Sometimes only chocolate will do!

I make crispy or cornflake cakes with my favourite equador chocolate. I used to have 1/2 a bar which is 14 syns but it's gone in no time (in one sitting) so I make the crispy cakes, whole bar plus 28g cereal - have them as big or small as you like - I make 6 at 5.5syns each. Means it lasts all week although my OH often gets to them first! So much more satisfying than a kitkat for same syns.
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hi hun i have always had chocolate since i started s/w but i do not have a healthy attitude towards it quite often it sets me off on a binge i think i am addicted to sugar :eek: so for 28 days i'm not having any chocolate nor sweeteners in my milky coffee i am trying to break the habit eeek am on my 4th day so far (i read in an article it takes 28 days to break a habit) so i am giving it a try :D


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Pre SW i used to consume a LOT of sugar/sweet stuff/chocolate.
I did go cold turkey at the start of my SW journey. When i do have chocolate and sweet stuff it just makes the cravings worse.
What i DO have is fruit with a meringue nest, that helps with the sugar craving, i have honey on my porridge, and a options hot chocolate of an evening satisfies a chocolate craving. Then go to bed then i cant be tempted for more...lol
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I can't believe they aren't many syns. Guess what I am going to buy tomorrow. At least then you feel like you are having a proper bar of chocolate.

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Flake, 15g treat 4 4 4
Flake, 26g multipack 7 7 7
Flake, 32g standard 8½ 8½ 8½
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kellogs fibre plus bars i have 2 boxes in my cupboard nom nom :)

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