Hey all

Ive just noticed that someone said you can heat the chocolate shake up and take it as a Hot Chocolate drink ? Is this true ? My Pharmacist told me thats a no-no as it alters the nutrients etc..

Now Im confused.. seeing as I have no soups ( he forgot to give me these and gave me shakes instead ) Id like to try the Hot Chocolate option if I can just as a little change.

Anyone know the right answer ?

Thank you =)

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loads of people have their chocolate hot so i can't imagine it effects your weight loss because of the nutrients. alot also have vanilla hot with a spoonful of coffee in xx


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I'm sipping my lovely hot choc as I type!
Make it up with a couple of sweeteners and use a hand (stick) blender to make it rich and creamy. Mmmm...
Thanks Vickie :)

I'll try it tonight . Im liking the shakes, well vanilla and choc.. strawberry I wanted to pull my tongue out it was awful lol.. but if I can trick myself into thinking Im having proper Hot Chocolate then would be great! lol



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you can also make peppermint tea, allow it to cool, and then mix it with your choc shake, choc mint shake!

some mix half a vanilla shake with half a choc shake as well.

there are all different varients you can have of the shakes and they are all fine xx


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I tried to use hot water with the chocolate shake - yeuck. But I later tried to make it up with cold water and then heat in microwave - this is lovely. Think I've got it down to an art now - I had a few where it was just too hot.
I've tried the vanilla with the coffee as well - can't ever make up my mind if I like it or not - then I try it again - I'm not a huge fan of the vanilla anyway, have 1 for lunch every day, as I think I'd crack up with all chocolate!
I did try the mint choc - I think it's great - I mix it first with a little cold water and then add the tea afterwards - again trial and error, found mixing the powder straight into tea didn't taste too good - for me!!


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I use peppermint essence to make my choc mint, it hasn't thrown me out of ketosis and it is much simpler to make, you only need a few drops and it is really cheap


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The chocolate is really nice warm - only thing My pharmacist said was that the lipotrim shaker shouldn't be used with hot liquids , but it's much nicer with a blender mmmm :D


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i make a mocha with the chocolate: in a big latte mug make half a cup of black coffee (i have 2 sweeteners in mine), make up the shake with 200-250ml cold water as usual then pour the shake into the mug with the coffee = tada! lovely mocha :D
or with vanilla shake for a regular latte :) lovely first thing in the morning


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i guess so :p.. i might give that a try a nice change.


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I use peppermint essence to make my choc mint, it hasn't thrown me out of ketosis and it is much simpler to make, you only need a few drops and it is really cheap

Top tips debbie (I said TIPS ;) ) - will be on the look for some peppermint essence tonight.... choc mint is possibly one of my most favourite flavours ever.. :) Could never be arsed with the whole mint tea thang (takes to long to knock together)


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I think you're allowed at least one of your shakes hot every day. I make mine with a bit of cold water first then add boiled so as not to over-cook it. You MUST finish it within 15 mins though or the nutrients will be gine (at least that's what I heard).


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With this weather ya have to have a hot chocolate, as long as ya dont heat it in the microwave then ya are fine, go for it and enjoy!!