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Choosing your goals and goal dates


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I'm really interested as to how people pick their goals, and how you decide what date to set them for...

Mine is 11 stone. Can't entirely remember why, but it's nearly healthy for my height and 8.5 stone to lose seemed way less scary than 9 stone :p

An my goal date is set by thinking i'll lose a steady 3lb per week (some weeks will be more, some less). Am wondering now if I should re-set by saying I'll lose 4lb.:confused:

I've NEVER set myself a weight loss goal before so I'm a bit scared of possible failure, lol, and wonder if that's why I've failed in the past.

What are your goal weights? When do you expect to reach weight? Have you reset your goal as you got close?
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Hi there, I think everyone has a different approach to this.

I just know that for me I need to set quite a low achievable target of say 1 or 1½ lbs a week. That would be around 50lb by Christmas. Anything more than that will be a huge bonus but psychologically I'm not setting myself up for a feeling of failure if I don't manage to hit some target that is totally unrealistic for me.

I've done it so many times before and as soon as my brain tells me I've failed - again.... :cry:it is the excuse I need to throw the towel in - again....... :cry: and so the wheels on the bus go round ...... :(


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S: 19st7lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 8st5lb(42.86%)
thanks Chips (i love your avatar!)

I do feel like maybe i could push my goal date forward, but i have the fear of failure too. wondered if 3lb was just being too easy on myself. as really, that's not a stone a month.

The thought of doing this for 30 weeks though, well, it's a hell of a long time, lol!


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My goal weight is 10.5 stones although it's heavy for my height.

It's a weight that I know I will feel fantastic at and in proportion.

It's 2 stone away but I know that I'm having a refeed week at the beginning of May. I also want to stop LT by the end of May so not sure if I will just stop at the refeed week. I may continue having one meal and 2 shakes.


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I had origionally set my goal for 11 stone, and for the 1st of may for my sisters wedding, If i didnt have that to look forward to then i dont know how i would have set my goal


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S: 19st7lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 8st5lb(42.86%)
thanks for the replies. i think what i found hard is that i have no idea what i'll look like at 11 stone, i can't remember the last time i was. lowest weight i remember was 13 stone something and i definitely want to be slimmer.


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Well my original goal was to get to 12st (so 7st 7lb loss) by june 15th.

But as i have progressed on this diet it doesnt seem reachable so i have adjusted. I wana get to the 13st mark by june the 15th incase me and me bf go on holiday but if we dont go i will just carry on. My ultimate goal date is the 3rd of August - by which i want to be 12st :)
S: 317lb C: 270lb G: 162lb BMI: 42.3 Loss: 47lb(14.83%)
i have no idea what i'll look like at 11 stone

:eek: Elle, there was a thread on here earlier about - can you visualise yourself looking thin or something like that, :confused: well, if I tell you I have spent most of the afternoon trying put my head on Claudia Winkleman's body :D using photoshop, you will guess that my Answer was NO I wouldn't. And the answer is also NO that I will not, be posting the result of Claudia Chips, on here any day soon :(


Here we go again!
Hiya. I set my goal to 10 stone 4 cos it would be a healthy weight for me. I went down to 10 st 8lbs about 12 years ago and was really happy at that weight. I was a loose size 14 and that's what I want to be. I just want to be average size and not to stand out in a crowd and a size 14 if posssible.

I know thinking that you will be on LT for a long time is a bit daunting but the time really does fly on this diet so it's not so bad. Best just to take each day or week as it comes though.

I started off thinking I would be on this for about 25 weeks. Well now I only have about 11 weeks to go and it has flown by so much. Can't believe I'm over half way, both in time and in weight!


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I was the same as you so i've decided to set myself a target that will get be down to a size 14 (currently an 18-20) by my birthday in August. Figured at that stage i'd see how i felt and then take it from there about whether I then set another target.

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