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Christmas Day

Hiya, I'm kind of in the same boat as you....my parents live in Dublin so I havent seen them in months - saw my mum just before I started CD, and they have no idea I am doing CD, or even losing weight!!

Myself & my daughter will be going back to Dublin for Christmas, and I think I have decided to do AAM/790 for that week just so I can have something to eat with my family....I dont see them that often at all, so it wouldnt go down too well if I abstained completely....

I am going to have my chick & mushroom soup for starters, then a small piece of turkey and a small bit of broccoli, cauliflour and will try to avoid potatoes at all costs!

Will be making my way to tescos as soon as I get home to stock up on sparkling water to see me thru the week!! Will also bring my CD bars with me so I can nibble while they are munching their way thru tins of roses and quality street!!
I hope that works well for you. I know my parents are very much against VLCD which is why I've not told them. Not sure if I should just tell them & take the flack, or just have lunch, an amount as small as possible but enough for no one to notice anything, but no dessert, which I don't normally have anyway.

I knew this would be a problem when I started CD but decided I'd rather start in November than leave it till January.
Your right to start as soon as the idea comes into your head hun....once we start to make excuses as to why this isnt a good week to start, then we will just keep making them!!

I am going to be on AAM week anyway, and if I do my 790 version properly it should make it easy enough to go back to SSing afterwards (I say with fingers crossed!!)

My parents will flip when they realise what I am doing, they will both blow their tops completely, although my dad is likely to be a little more understanding!! But if they open their ouths, I will just remind my mother that proactically everytime I see her she comments on my weight so it should kep her quiet....for a while!
Its difficult I know what to do for the best.

I think for me it will be AAM or 790. This year have been invited to Christmas dinner, at my lovely sister in laws and shes knows am doing CD, and supports me so I can take my own things to eat. Which will be great.

Its not long now is it till the Big Day!

Deb x
I'm undecided what I'll be doing for Christmas. I veer between SSing and just having a proper Christmas celebration. Either decision I aim to go back to SSing as soon as the day is done. It's more and more than likely that I'll be doing SS especially as I really want to hit the 16's in February.

All the best ...
I'm only just getting back on track after a couple of months off. Am planning on SSing through crimbo now as food isnt as important as being slim for me.
Have to say though if i'd have SS'd like i should have done all the way from July i'd be having a week off!!! :D
Last year i ss'd all the way through, had a thai chilli soup while my family ate their gorgeous smelling dinner. Our xmas dinner always ends up in arguments though so i wasn't that disappointed haha! We're always friends by dessert though!

This year i'm sort've on and off the diet anyway so will defo be enjoying mum mums xmas roast - yummy can't wait!
I'm just going to let my mother give me whatever she feels like on my plate. I never usually like half of it anyway so they wont notice that I'll leave a lot of it and I can give the potatoes to the kids while no ones looking, ooh or the dog since I have one of those now lol. I'll request sprouts and broccoli, those and some turkey will do me fine. Plus I'll be driving so they can't force me to drink wine with my meal either :) I think they're learnt not to try to make me drink by now anyway because I rarely do even before I started CD
I think i'm going to just eat on xmas day and boxing day, but only stick to savoury food. Sugar is my downfall and i don't need those sugar cravings again! I'm going to have a shake for breakfast, then savoury lunch and tea! Then straight back on it on the 27th .... otherwise i can see xmas lasting from the 20th of Dec till the 1st of Jan!!! I have a long way to go, about another 7 and a half stone, so i think it's only human to give myself a slight break at xmas .... will just be avoiding the chocolates!!
Good plan! I love the peanut and cranberry ones! Not quite the same as a twirl, but a twirl never felt as good as fitting in to size 20 trousers lke i did last weekend!!!
I've never had a cranberry one....not sure if I'd like it anyways cos I dont like cranberry anything else!! But the peanut one.....welll......I have LIVED on them since Friday......must stop eating them though, I think having one each day is too much for me cos I feel a bit bloated.....boo hoo hoo!!!
They don't really taste like cranberry to be honest, more like an oaty sort of bar. Oh and i like the orange bars too, except i only have 1 a week cos they make me burp!!!


Focused & goin for goal!
Now I feel I'm missing out....again!! And if I ask her to order them, she might make me take a whole bloody box and I prob wont like them....!!
Ooh, I wanna try them too!!!! We could ask her to order some in and just split the box if you like! (must pop round to you with your other bits - sorry I didn't come sunday - looked like you were out and then got tied up with other stuff.
We are going out for a meal which is brill because it removes the temptation of mums stuffing. I dont like the stuffing in restaurants you see. Im gonna switch to 790 the week before Christmas and am considering staying that way!
Ooh, I wanna try them too!!!! We could ask her to order some in and just split the box if you like! (must pop round to you with your other bits - sorry I didn't come sunday - looked like you were out and then got tied up with other stuff.

Sounds like plan missus....although I aint going to see her until Dec 22nd!!


Focused & goin for goal!
Sounds like plan missus....although I aint going to see her until Dec 22nd!!
We're gonna see her in a couple of weeks so we could sort it out.

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