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Christmas/New Year Challenge

Anyone interested in setting a christmas or new year target?
I'm currently 10st 8lb and I am setting myself a goal of being 9st 12lb for christmas.

Thats 10lb in 7 weeks, so approximately 1.4lb a week. These weeks will include work and uni xmas nights out too so it may be rather trying! I am so determined to this though.

Anyone else?:party0023:
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Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Yes I want to lose 2lb a week until Xmas (1 stone) too.

Pray for me as three days in doing SF 100% and I've yet to drop a lb which is odd for me as my weight fluctuates hourly anyway!
I'm in too! I want to be 10 stone 13 for xmas, which wuld be a loss of 10.5lbs in 7 weeks.
Cek xx
Got to start doing more of this though......:whacky068:

16/08/08 - 13st START WEIGHT
23/08/08 - 12st 10lbs -4
30/08/08 - 12st 9lbs -1
06/09/08 - 12st 8lbs -1
13/09/08 - 12st 6lbs -2
20/09/08 - 12st 4 lbs -2
27/09/08 - 12st 3lbs -1
04/10/08 - 12st 3lbs STS
11/10/08 - 11st 12.5lbs -4.5
18/10/08 - 11st 12.5lbs - STS
25/10/08 - 11st 11lbs -1.5
31/10/08 - 11st 9.5lbs -1.5 TOTAL lost 18.5lbs
07/11/08 -
14/11/08 -
21/11/08 -
28/11/08 -
05/12/08 -
12/12/08 -
19/12/08 -
24/12/08 - XMAS EVE

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Imk - why not go for 10.6 - then you'll hit the end of your ticker! :D
I want to lose a stone by Christmas. It's gotten harder to lose weight since starting work again, but I'm going to try and give it 100%!


Needs a kick
Good one! I'd like to lose my last 9 pounds. But like many it's rather slow at the moment so it'll be quite a challenge. Bring it on :0)
Fantastic, I think it'll give us all a brilliant head start for next year aswell!

First weigh in for my xmas challenge and I'm -1lb. Only 9 more to go to meet that xmas target!
Hows everyone getting on?
Can i join in?!
I'd also like to aim for -2lb per week i would be so thrilled to lose nearly a stone for xmas!
This is the first challenge i have set myself am soo excited!

Missal x


Slowly but surely!
Id love to carry on lossing 2lb a week till x mas, meaning ill have broken the 16st barrier by new year!
My goal was 2 lb a week that would mean a whole stone before xmas, lost 5.5lb this week so well on the way now, am so pleased with myself
hopefully i'll be 11st 4lb if i keep to the 2 lb a week rule from now on WOW!!!

Missal x
lost 0.5lb this week. Gutted cause I stuck to my diet, went the gym and basically did all what I'm supposed to, grrrr. So 5 weeks left and still 8.5lb to lose!
Swings and Round abouts! I know it's probably no consolation but your weight loss is amazing, i just keep looking at the run down on your signature thinking yes that will be me soon! (hopefully) x you're doing good x

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