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I know im a bit early but the thought of not having proper food at christmas really worries me just cause its a family get together and my sons 1st chriistmas. What will everyone else be doing . Sticking to plan or is it possible to have one day off !!!!!!!
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Last year I did SSing all the way through and found that it was alright!

This year I will be having my Chirstmas dinner and I will be wearing my Christmas dress:D


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I've already tol my CDC that I'm having 25th and 26 (which is my b'day) off. I will then get right on track on 27th. I've promised my self I won't go overboard. But I also know I won;t be strong enough to say no to a turkey dinner, chrismas pub & cake and the obligatory sherry trifle in the evening.

Then it's tradition to have bubble & Sqeek on my b'day with cold turkey and gammon and a fried egg on top. I also can;t go without this either. I don't drink alcohol so I know I'll be ok in that respect, but I needed to confirm it in my mind as I kept worry about it.

My CDC reakons I could be near goal by then anyway so....


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Ive decided that for Christmas I will eat my dinner and small pud (not a huge meal Ill use a small plate so it looks full)
then boxing day we have beef so Ill have a dinner again, but saying that I wont have potatoes or too much gravy, but will stick to meat and other veg,
Ive asked not to be given chocs and we wont be having the annual quality street tin, the kids will still get the selection boxes but they hoard them in their bedrooms so I never see any of it anyway,
Hopefully ill be at goal or very close by then anyway so I wont want to undo all the hard work
I will be sticking to my plan as i know how hard it is to get back on track. I can have all the fun of christmas without the guilt of having broken my plan. Its only one day and i will have other christmases



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I am still debating with myself about this one. I want to stay SSing but I know that deep down, I will have to eat. We are at Mum's on Xmas day then out for a family meal on Boxing Day. I will stick to eating small things - try and not eat any carbs. I don't drink alcohol so I don't need to worry on that score. I won't have loads on chocs either - like I usually do.


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I'm going to add a meal that day, with some chicken, the recipe for stuffing that Mike has in his blog, and a spoon of veg. I'm going to save a bit of the soup from the dressing to make a sauce (gravy lol)


I know from last year once you cheat you have to eat and my LL 100 days dont finish until Jan 3rd?So what do I do I can do ssing althrough christmas and new year BUT
We are on hoilday going away all over christmas 4 nights and we are having a New Years Eve Party(SO WANT THAT LBD ;) ) but I think i'll see how much I have to lose to be at target when Christmas is here?I had at my last weeks weigh-in(wednesday) 50lbs to goal so i'll see.I have eaten on SS last year then got straight back on SS but LL your agree to abstain all through the 100 days GOD ITS SO :confused: ............

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What a fab response "fatjock".

What a lovely thought, to have to think of another resolution to make on New Year's Eve instead of the norm....

I'm really hoping to be near goal by xmas and have already decided that I'm having evenings off for work xmas functions (as long as I food pack through the day) but no alcohol and will have Xmas Day and Boxing Day off..


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I'm going to add a meal that day, with some chicken, the recipe for stuffing that Mike has in his blog, and a spoon of veg. I'm going to save a bit of the soup from the dressing to make a sauce (gravy lol)

what fab planning, loved this post, I really hope you stick to it and have a fab xmas

I will be on maintenance, finger xxxxx and I hope I will be able to enjoy all in moderation, I have asked my mum not to make too much food as I know if its there I may overeat, I have told her I dont mind if she runs out, mum, being stick thin, cooks mountains!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont like xmas pudding so have requested fresh fruit salad!!


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I've been thinking about this too....since Its the only time I see my parents and sister (apart from the odd occassion throughout the year) I dont think not eating at all will go down too well!! However, I am already planning my menu...I will have some chicken & mushroom soup to start with (from my packs) and will have a small piece of turkey and lots of green veg, with no gravy, I might keep some of my soup for that purpose!! As for alcohol, I am still undecided whether I wil drink or not....1 small glass of wine might not be too bad, and because I havent been drinking in so long I will be able to stop at just one. I have a similar plan for stephens day, and will be back here for new years so that shouldnt be an issue. Might make cambridge jelly for desert as well so I am hopeful to only be slightly off course!!


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I'm going to be wearing a lovely size 14 (or maybe 12???) dress!

Can't decide what I'll be eating though!

And I love Jock's post about not having to make the "diet" resolution again!


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Thank God I'm not spending Xmas with boyf's family again as his mum cooks a mountain of food and bought over £40 worth of sweets and chocolate last year for 5 of us (they are all stick thin). Just me and my mum this year so I will cook venison and some veg and potatoes (I should be off maintenance by then) and have our traditional smoked salmon and prawns on Boxing Day and as she's diabetic, no sweets anyway. But I will probably be pi*sed as usual!!


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Well im hoping to save decembers add a meal week to over xmas so i will at least be able to eat something for xmas dinner.
A cd soup for starter. followed by some turkey breast and some winter veg. Hey its better than nothing :D


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Hi. I know how hard it is psychologically to get on this diet, so I'm sticking to SS. Boring I know, but at least I'll be slinky for summer!


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Hey Dol - are you realising that you will be nearly, if not at, target by then? Its about 10 weeks away, and if you loose maybe 3.5lbs a week, you will be ten lbs away from target - so maybe it'll be about time for maintainence by then? Or at least you should be okay doing AAM or 790 for that week.

Personally I'm going into maintainance at the start of December, have promised my H that I will go out for dinner for his birthday, and have pretty much every weekend till Jan booked up to do something, so I really don't want to be on SS then. Also I just know that I would be too tempted to cheat otherwise, which for me would lead to eating a load of rubbish, rather than being sensible. Am going to try and follow a mix of maintainance/ GI/ healthy eating through xmas and the new year, and see where I am come Jan. Will be keeping a VERY close eye on my weight however!

Good luck whatever you decide hon.


I'm going to have my christmas dinner and boxing day dinner and hopefully get back on track the day after.
There's no way i could resist a lovely big famly get together with turkey and all the trimmings!!
I admire anyone who will ss over christmas though.