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Hello All!

Back on Exante, had first shake! Excited and scared, have only 9 weeks left until my wedding! I am 15.4 and really want to be under 12.7 for my wedding day, mostly because my dress wont fit! I have to lose something like eight inches! MEGA!

But have started this morning well, out the house with husband to be by 6.45 and then had a lovely long walk for around two hours! It was proper lush!

I am really scared I have left it to long to lose any significant weight, but I plan to stick to walking, jogging and netball training so I hope that the exercise will encourage the shedding of inches!

Anyway, I know I have three pretty tough days ahead (exante + 2 uni deadlines) so I was wondering if anyone would share how much they lost by the 9 week stage?? It would be really motivating to know :eatdrink012:

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Hey there and good luck with the diet - how exciting - what a goal though, for a wedding dress!!!

As you can see from my ticker below I have lost 27lbs in just 7 weeks. Hoping to get to the 33lb marker by week 10!

First few days are hard (lets not kid, the entire diet is hard:eek:) but keep focussed on your goal, it is only 9 weeks after all and hopefully you will sail all the way into your dress!
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congratulations on your wedding :) im getting married in dec :)
i think you will do it no problem!
keep committed to the diet and exercise as much as you can, it will just drop off!
looking forward to the pics :) xxx


Here we go again!
Just stick 100% to exante and you can't not lose! I've lost 24 lbs in 5 weeks and am chuffed with that. Those inches will drop off!!
AWWWWW thanks ladies, I wont lie, today has been really really tough, have had a headache all day and its pretty annoying! :cry:

i watched a video of myself and realised the extent of how much i weigh and how it affects how i look....has anyone else previously been kidding themselves that they are only a couple of pounds heavy only to see video/photo evidence to prove otherwise...? i have been deluding myself!!! :sigh:

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It's taken me 11 weeks to lose 35lb, but I have been less rigid in the last 4 weeks. I lose 2 stone in the first 8 weeks so if you are sticking to it 100%, you will succeed!

Good luck, and keep focused x
S: 18st11lb C: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 4st5lb(23.19%)
Just think of how proud you are going to be of yourself, not just on your wedding day but the rest of your life when you look back at the photos. you only get married once (hopefully) so do yourself proud and do it :) I got married 12 years ago and was a fat size 22 bride, I hate my photos, I would hate for anyone else to feel like this on such a special day, all I could think of walking down to meet my husband to be with all my family and friends smiling away was I wish I wasn't here feeling so embarrassed in front of them all, and singing in my head" here comes the bride big fat and wide". So go for it!! Good luck and enjoy your day xxx


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Good luck. You can do it. Just get your head down and stick to the diet.

I am also aiming for a good weight loss for a wedding I am going to in June. I know I won't be slim by then but I would like to get into the 13 stones from 16st 4lbs. It's a big maybe but I am giving it my best shot and staying on TS for all that time.

All these ladies are amazing!


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I lost 40lbs in 9 weeks.
I think 8 inches may be optimistic though
By 9 weeks I'd lost 5 inches from my waist, 4 from my hips and 4 from my bust, to give you an indication of what you might find.
I reckon for me it's at most 2 inches per stone that I lose, or very roughly 1 dress size

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