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chubby bus driver

I have lost weight in the past and have managed to keep a good deal of it off, my heaviest weight was 19st 2lb..... my lowest since then is 13st 7lb........ I am currently 15st 2lb.

Over the past year my life has taken some difficult turns and I have struggled to stick to any diet for long and the weight I did lose soon returned.

I look back at my heaviest and then look at the scales now and think 'you done good girl', but it's not enough.

My family is rife with diabetes, high and low blood pressure and heat disease, I myself have an under active thyroid.

So a few weeks I was chatting to a lovely man via a dating site(!) and he told me about this diet, next payday I bought the book!!! I spent a few days reading it to learn as much as possible before I started...... I also had a boozy weekend planned....lol.

Monday morning I started...........
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Day 3

Had a weird few day. Doesn't feel like I'm on a diet. I seem to be eating loads even when I'm not hungry.

I can see the water being a bit of a problem. As the title of this diary says, I'm a bus driver, I can't just stop and go to the loo!!!!

I'm trying to drink as much as I can no more than an hour before work. I always carry a small bottle with me on the bus. And then drink the rest when I've finished.

Not sure if this is ideal or not but it's the only way I can seem to get thru the 1.5ltr while working
I'm reading that putting up your menus is a good idea so I'm gonna give it a go..........


Breakfast......yoghurt with oatbran....... weird!!!
Lunch...... peppered steak.......yummy
tea...... Chicken (bought this morning from the rotisserie) Gerkins, boiled eggs
snacks...... shredded lean wafer thin ham!!! Great for picking at!!!

1.5ltrs of water!!!! Yay

Pretty much the same as monday......... but on touring this site discovered that my yoghurt wasn't the right sort.......... already eaten it today so tomorrow will have to be different

Tried to make the oatbran cookie........... bit sloppy (too much milk obviously!!!) but tasted nice.

Decided to cut out the yoghurt until I am out of Attack.......... I really don't like the plain stuff and there seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about which others are ok.

Lunch will be another piece of steak cooked with peppercorns (it was on offer in tesco!!!)

and when I'm at work later today I'll have roast chicken, boiled eggs, minus the yolk (I don't like that part much anyway) and a couple of gherkins xxx

Already struggling with the water today, I am working the late shift and finding a loo is not easy
If anyone can give me any hints and tips I'd greatly appreciate it......... I'm off grocery shopping tomorrow morning and a bit of variety is what I need xxx

Off to work now........ gonna weigh myself there........... wish me luck xxx


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Welcome redsazzle! The bathroom needs during attack are more extreme than the rest of the diet, so you should be fine when you go onto cruise :) Being a bus driver must make this whole thing difficult - I was running to the bathroom every 45 minutes during attack. But the water is really important to making sure that your kidneys are able to flush out all of the protein buildup, I would worry about doing a longer attack (5-10) days if you can't keep up the water intake. I am guessing that you are shooting for a 7 day attack because we are about the same size and that is what the Dukan site recommended for me. For the foods, read the menu threads I found them to be much more inspiring than the recipes in the book - there are some really great creative cooks on this board. I do chicken curry, meatballs, meatloafs, poached fish, sauteed shrimp, roasted chicken, and roast beef - that's seven nights worth of dinners and I always make extra so I can have leftovers for snacks and lunch. Breakfast is always a gallette, it took about a week of practice to get them right - the fool-proof gallette recipe in the menu section gave me the key - you have to cook them slow! DO the walking - it really does slim down the hips and tummy quicker than you would think.
That's about all the tips I can think of, have a great day :)
Day 4 of attack.
Really pleased with the way the diet is going. Feeling very low on energy but have been assured that this will soon pass.

Just been to the supermarket. Never been much of a fish eater but my local store do boneless fillets in a cook in the bag. All fresh. Bought haddock and smoked salmon. Passed on the butter and went for just lemon and parsley xx

I had another go at the oatbran cookie. Finally got it right xxx

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I've opted to work the weekend, part of my master plan, if I'm home I'll pick........ at work I don't carry much food with me. I also sip water whenever I stop my bus. Lol

When does the lack of energy pass????
My kitchen is on the ground floor of my house and my lounge is on the first, so if I need anything I have to go downstairs, good exercise I know, but I am finding it tiring..... lol

I have a gym membership but haven't been since I started this diet, I just can't face it yet, I hope the energy returns soon as I still have to pay the gym!!!!!
I think everyone is different and takes different times to adjust to the diet but it is worth it... i cant honestly remember how long it took me as i was busy renovating a house so wasnt sure if it was just the long hours i was putting in or the diet itself that was making me tired. keep going though... I find the toffee muffins a great filling food and feel naughty with the strained thick homemade yoghurt smothered over them LOL
Just eaten some steamed haddock............. think I'll pass in future....... not much flavour :(

Had lightly smoked salmon yesterday........ it was lovely.

I'm having to eat my lunch quite early as I'm off to work soon :(


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Good to read you... ref "boring" white fish. Why not make a little fish pie? I use white fish, salmon, and a piece of smoked, and poach in a little skimmed milk and herbs... will do for a couple of days...

Poor you re loo. A catheter is all I can suggest ;)

Careful with rotisserie chicken - much better to throw one of your own in the oven (and not baste it etc etc!!)...

Good luck!
What is wrong with rotisserie chicken???

I used to work in a supermarket and it's only the 'flavoured' ones that have anything added

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What is wrong with rotisserie chicken???

I used to work in a supermarket and it's only the 'flavoured' ones that have anything added

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In some supermarkets they are injected with fatty flavouring stuff to make them taste nicer - there's a blanket ban on them with Slimming World, which is how I know ;)
Thank you CHRISR xxx:D

Today i have a 12hr shift so that means 2 lunch boxes. :confused:

I made the oatbran cookie again..... didn't have any lf yoghurt so I used a dollop of fromage frais...... seemed ok just not crunchy. lol
But I made the mistake of licking the spoon ........... LF Fromage frais is disgusting :eek:

I looked thru this site to find something I could do with it so i added some vanilla essence and sweetner...... not the best but edible....... and had this with the cookie and a coffee for my breakfast. :eek:

Lunch is going to be chopped chicken, ham and prawns with dukan oil free mayo....... really quite tasty, I added a little more dijon than suggested as I like a bit of bite:rotflmao:

Evening meal.. (can't call it dinner as it's in a lunchbox :))
Roast chicken (my oven is fixed so no more rotisserie chicken for me!!!) 2 boiled eggs with Dukan Oil Free Mayo, handful of prawns.

Snacks... 4 crabsticks, (How I'd kill for an apple !!!!)

Water, coffee and I may get myself a can of diet coke later
Hi, I was also eating the rotisserie chicken till I actually looked at the label within the hot counter, it said it had something on it which is a 'code name' for sugar!!! I can't remember what it said though now lol ??

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