Claire Bear's shrinking mission

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  1. Bigbear

    Bigbear Silver Member

    Hi everyone.

    Im Claire, and today I stepped on the scales for the first time in many years and saw a big 27st staring back at me. That hurts. but I want to channel the emotion into getting a good start in the diet.

    i am all stocked up with slim fast, and today was the first day of my diet.

    choc shake for breakfast, meal bar for lunch with banana and apple as a snack. I have had Cornish pasty for dinner. I'm not going to be too strict on the evening meals just yet, as I need something to look forward to!

    in terms of timelines, I'd really like to be at 20 by 21st March 2015, in time for my holiday for Mexico. To be track for that,mill need yo I have lost 4 stone by Xmas. A tall order but when I'm THIS MUCH overweight, I'm hoping if will be easier to shift in these early days.

    so wish me luck on My journey! I'm going to post daily on here, and would welcome and support or positivity along the way.
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  3. tranquility

    tranquility Gold Member

    Welcome aboard Claire, just take it one day at a time is the best advice and don't get too hung up on what the scales say. 4 stone before your holiday is definitely acheivable.
  4. jonny1

    jonny1 Member

    Hey Claire:welcome:. I've just started a couple of weeks ago with slimming world online and I wouldn't mind losing 4 stone by xmas myself!

    Good luck with it.
  5. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly Gold Member

    Hey Claire, welcome to the WEMITTS section :D
    I'm also called Claire and want to lose 4 stone by Christmas!
    We can do it I'm sure!
  6. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Morning lovely 21st March is my birthday so a fab goal lol... I am quite new here on WEMITTS but their a gorgeous bunch kind but honest just what we need good luck xx
  7. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Good luck x

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  8. BlueCow

    BlueCow Silver Member

    Hi Claire, sounds like you had a good first day to me :) How has today been? x
  9. Bigbear

    Bigbear Silver Member

    Wow, thanks so much for the welcome!! :D You are all so kind.

    Day 2, strawberry shake for breakfast, Spent all day sitting on an interview panel, and actually felt more hungrythan yesterday. Probably less to distract me, and think I probably wasn't drinking enough water. again had an apple and banana as snacks, and didn't get to my meal bar until about 4pm.

    had a slimfast choc bar snack on the bus on the way home. They are sooooo good.
    in fact, I'm finding the meal bars really sweet too, which appeals to my sweet tooth, but I wonder in the long term if it's a good idea or not in terms of trying to re-educate myself on healthy eating. having lasagne for dinner

    I've got an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow, A couple of weeks ago I finally plucked up the courage to go to my GP about my painful knees, as she has referred me on. Feel much more confident about telling him I have started a diet and my plans to stick with it. still dreading that look on his face when I walk in though...

    There are a few other people at work dieting too, although none of them have anywhere near as much to lose as I have. one of my work friends kept on telling anyone about her dream in which she weighs herself and she's 13 stone. She kept on telling me the story, and waiting for my reaction, and I swear I honestly couldn't work out whether this was a good or a bad dream!! I THINK after a lot of pondering on this, that she was trying to say it was. BAD dream... But how ironic, that 13 stone would be my absolute DREAM
  10. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Hello and welcome, Claire! I have dodgy knees too, so I can sympathise - I've had two ops so far, but am hoping to finally get a replacement soon. Losing weight will definitely help with the knees - every pound you lose apparently equates to four pounds less strain going through your knees when you stand or sit, so even a little can make a big difference. Good luck! :) xx
  11. Bigbear

    Bigbear Silver Member

    Thanks, That's good to know.

    i finally just hot stuck in a situation where I was trying to increase my exercise (just starting with more walking really) and every time I did I would pull or tweak something in my knee and end up hobbling around and having to rest up for a few days. GP was actually really good about it, I openly declared "clearly my weight is a big factor here" and she nodded, knowingly... :rolleyes:

    Also so faced my fear or disapproving healthcare professionals (which is ridiculous considering I am a nurse myself!) and booked in for my cervical smear last week too (sorry if too much information!!) so really pleased that is that done hopefully for another couple of years. !!
  12. apico04

    apico04 Full Member

    Hi Claire really love the positive outlook which really help when on these types of journey's. I remember when I was younger I would swipe my sisters Slimfast Shakes and drink them because they where so good. Stay strong, consistent and just never settle until you reach your goal.

    Positive Vibes sent back at ya! :)
  13. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly Gold Member

    Ha I have friends who cry about getting on the scales and being 10/11/12 stone and they think they're huge.
    I would be quite happy at 12 stone!

    Keep up the good work hun, sounds like you're doing well so far.
  14. Bigbear

    Bigbear Silver Member

    Thanks for the positive vibes!! Lol at stealing your sister's shakes!!!!

    and speaking of crying... Just saw the knee doctor, and basically got told that my knees are hurting because I'm just putting too much weight on them, and I need to do something because it's only going to get worse. He was actually a really nice doctor, and explained it well, and I do appreciate his honesty about the whole situation. He has recommended physio and a personal trainer. He is also going to do an MRI scan, but... Cue embarrassing situation... Wasn't sure if I would fit in the MRI scanner, so I had to go and meet a radiologist for them to 'check me out'. I cried all the way home....

    SO on the subject if positivity I'm going to look at this horrible horrible situation as the kick up the ass that I need, and every time I think of sneaking a biscuit, I am going to remember how it felt, sat there hearing about what my weight is doing to my body, with that ever so ominous lump forming in my throat.

    day 3, and another busy day starting with a choc shake, banana for lunch and now just grabbing a slimfast snack bag of pretzels and an apple. Think we've got home made curry for dinner.

    waiting for boyfriend to come home, cos I need a cuddle badly and he is always really supportive
  15. BlueCow

    BlueCow Silver Member

    oh claire bear *hugs* that must have been horrible!:(

    At least you are taking control and doing something about it which is the most important thing. Sounds like you had a good day diet-wise, hope you feel a bit better this evening x
  16. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Oh no! That sounds like an awful experience :( hope you're ok now you're home xx

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  17. VickyPie

    VickyPie Full Member

    Hi Claire :) my word I can only dream about seeing 13 stone on the scale! And working in health care I know I am to heavy for an MRI - that really would be my nightmare to be crammed in one of those machines!
    Like others have said, just take it one day at a time and turn these bad experiences into motivation to stick with it. And have a nice cuddle lol.
  18. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    Hugs to you :)

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  19. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    I'm so sorry that you had such a bad day hun :( Just think every day forward is a day away from your situation now and you'll soon be able to hopefully have less pain and not ever need that it to happen again :)

    Take care lovely :) Xx
  20. Bigbear

    Bigbear Silver Member

    Thanks for the kind words and cuddles :)

    am putting yesterday behind me and using it as motivation to stick to this.

    Vicky - the radiologist thought it would be fine as I'm only having my knees scanned. What do you think.
    im also in healthcare (research nurse) but no experience particularly in radiology...

    Day 4 gone. Getting into a routine. Shake for breakfast, banana late morning and my meal bar early afternoon.
    tagliatelle and meatballs for tea.

    Trying to to ride through my hungry phases, topping up with fluids and distracting myself. we have a colleague in the office who makes the most amaaaaazing baked good. Today she brought in a tin full of chocolate cookies, and usually I would have dipped in many many timed during the day, but I resisted all day which I am so pleased about! I feel really embarrassed telling my colleagues I'm on a diet, because it draws attention to my body/weight which I hate, so I'm working on sneakily eating my slimfast bars without them seeing the wrapping!!! How silly is that?!
  21. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    When I've had MRIs on my knees I have only had to have my legs inside the scanner, so I'd have thought it would be ok. Certainly when I had the first I one done I was literally twice the weight I am now, and it was fine. :) xx

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