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Claire's maintenance diary

A new stage and a new thread. My dieting phase is over and my maintenance has started. Having hit my goal of 9st7lbs (bmi 22.5) last week, I am now just a quarter of a pound over after the weekend. Down days are up to 1000 calories, much more room for choice than my original 470!

The plan is to keep my weight stable, to start with I will have to keep a close check on everything and then hopefully it will become second nature. Another pound or two off wouldn't be a disappointment either.
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I'm now just under goal at 9st6.25lbs. If I can get to the point where 9st7 is the highest I ever go that would be perfect. I still have fat areas, but I always did, even as a skinny teenager I was traumatised by my knees and thighs.

The maths of JUDDD is slightly odd, assuming that normal intake is 2000 calories, and that eating some extras puts it up to maybe 2500 (depending on what I eat of course, a big choccie binge could go way over that, but I'm looking at possible averages here) then over a week I'd take in 2000 of excess on UDs and cut out 3000 on DDs. That would mean a slow loss of just over a pound a month. Presumably it would level out at some point, as the weight goes down the calorific requirement to maintain it reduces also. Looking at it the other way I'd have to eat 2750 cals each UD to balance out the DDs, that sounds like a lot to me. It will be interesting to see what actually happens.
Be watching you with great interest Claire - you are living the dream!!!

It certainly feels like it! For the first time in ages I am thinking that I really wouldn't want to weigh half a stone less - a very strange feeling. And thinking that I need to make sure I eat enough, when did I last think that?
Sending you a big hug! You are so clever, I am just so thrilled for you. What a wonderful Christmas you will have.

Thanks Barb, you have been such a support all the way through this. After my 1000 DD I'm back to 9st6.25lbs, maybe fluctuating just below then just above target is the way it will be now.

There are some big changes in maintenance that I hadn't considered, dieting sort of takes a lot of thought, it was quite a big part of my life over the past few months and now it has gone I am lacking a goal somehow. Time to get other parts of life under control now I suppose, I've proved I can lose weight so now I should be testing myself in other areas. There are several things in the near future which will keep me occupied, not least the dancing show next week - I'm starting to feel nervous already. Then in the Spring I will be directing a show, I need to get organised for that. But these are projects, what I need is some kind of personal development - have to get my thinking cap on.
Well the dancing show is over, I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected because I've had a rotten cold for the past couple of days. My weight is staying pretty stable, I was just over yesterday and just under today (9st6lbs), so it's looking good.

The next few weeks will be critical, Christmas is a dangerous time when you are watching your weight with all those chocolates and nibbles available 24/7. I really want this to be the year that I don't put any weight on, I'm hoping JUDDD will keep me stable.
A week on and still stable. I'm going to have to watch it this coming week, I've got lots of fruit and salad in and hopefully that will make up a bit for the inevitable chocolates and nuts. Christmas will be an up day naturally, after that I'll continue alternating. I really ought to start measuring again, I feel my fat might be moving around a bit. I have missed weighing on a couple of mornings, I would love to just weigh once a week but I'm too scared as yet.
Christmas and New Year now over and I have gained a pound. Not a disastrous result although I would have liked to come out even I have to admit I didn't deserve to! I shall carry on as I am for a week or two to see if it goes naturally, if not then I'll have to go into the diet phase again.
That's a great result, especially since you were induging a bit! Well done.

Happy New Year and keep up the very good work.



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A lb! Just a lb! That is brilliant Claire, what a star you are. That will soon slip away, you've cracked it you know, you really have.

Keep it going, it's inspiring to watch!

Thanks Girlygirl and Barb, I really do feel on top of it these days. I was talking to friends last night about weightloss and it was lovely to be able to say this is where I want to be and I know I can stay here.
Pantomime is now finished for another year so I can get back into normal routine. My dance classes begin again tonight, I've been missing the exercise and I will be seriously stiff tomorrow.

I haven't weighed for about three days - how about that for progress? At that point I was 9st7.25lbs so I am definitely maintaining so far despite Christmas. It will be interesting to see if my weight remains stable or naturally reduces a little over the coming months. I wouldn't mind being a few pounds less, there are still some small bulges here and there - but I know from experience that the ones on the inside of my thighs are here for the long haul.
Life is back to a normal routine now, and I am weighing maybe twice a week. I've stayed arond 9st7lbs with the odd half a pound floating on and off, so this maintenance system gets the thumbs up from me. As soon as I get some free time I will have to do a wardrobe purge, I think everything that is too big will just have to go. Not sure what to do on jeans, this seems weird but when I was fatter it was easier to find a nice fit, I can only assume the fat gets squished about and takes up the space available in a way that muscle and bone just won't.
Good to hear that your maintenance is going so well Claire. See, I told you you could do it!

It sounds like you need to do some good jean shopping. My daughter finds the per una jeans the best 'girlie' shape. She is a size 10 with very little legs ( don't tell her i said that) but finds the fit is good and they also have a nice range of colours/styles.

Treat yourself, you jolly well deserve it!

I have now reduced my dependency on the scales to once a week and my weight is staying stable. I feel I am eating a bit too much and will try to cut down a bit before it gets to be a habit. OK it sounds odd when I'm not gaining, but it just feels wrong somehow.
My weekly weigh-in shows exactly the same again, this maintenance system really works. And I literally do eat anything I want on up days, plus, to be honest, I'm not always as careful as I should be on the down days. I'm wondering whether to try to lose a few more pounds really slowly, my thighs are bigger than I would like and it would be nice to think I was slim rather than just OKish. I'll play it by ear, cutting down a bit when I feel like it.

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