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  1. Rochelle1

    Rochelle1 Gold Member

    So I've been going to a kettle bells class since about October! Really enjoying it and getting loads of results. Just interested in what other classes structures are like?

    mine is very mixed! We start with a warm up, jogging around the outside of the room sometimes doing punches to the side, front, above. Heel kicks and lifting the knees up! Then he will give us kettle bell excersise a to do but these are mixed with lunges, squats, burpees! A lot of his class is a bit like metafit, which I've seen videos of online where you do clean and press with the kettle bell then 10secs rest, press ups for 30 secs then 10 secs rest.

    is other people's classes similar or completely different?
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  3. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    Mine is a full hour with the bells really, do push ups etc but lifting the bell between them, and abs floor work with the bell too, no running to warm up just star jumps and squats etc

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  4. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    Oh and ours is all sets of 10, so 10 2 hand, 10 each hand swing, 10 change hand swing, 10 clean and press etc

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  5. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    I go to a kettlercise class. 1 hour - 5/10 min warm up then progress through a routine each movement with the bell for 1 min, moving from upper body to lower body - no resting between movements, last 10/15 mins is ab work and stretches for 5 mins

    Is a good work out.. HRM calculates on ave 450 cals per class, and I take it a bit easy due to my recovering shoulder :)

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  6. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    That sounds similar to mine, except reps of 10 rather than 1 min

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