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  1. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    As the title suggests that's what I aim for clean and lean .

    Starting today at 43 and 10.2 I aim to be a healthy 9.3

    Intending to eat as clean as possible and also keep an eye on the calories - as those healthy nuts contain lots of calories .

    Intending a meat free day today and as I just purchased a Nutribullet intend to make smoothies a lot .

    My job is shift work 6-2 . So lunch is at 9am and I can't stomach a salad then so will take a smoothie .

    Day 1
    Breakfast/lunch - smoothie 1/4 pineapple 1/2 apple blueberries spinach 1/2 avocado ginger lime and sunflower seeds 325 cals

    I'll edit layer

    Livvy x
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  3. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Well back again after trying various plans - and been on holiday -

    Decided to read the 14 day turbo diet by jason vale and reading through the meals - similar to paleo - fruit veg fish chicken olive or coconut oil - no pasta or bread unless it's hemp and only sweet potatoes and no diary foods .

    As there wasn't any forum for juice and natural foods I'm guessing the paleo is as close as it gets .

    No more but or excuses - I'm ready .

    Breakfast 2 boiled eggs green tea
    Juice - pineapple orange apple grapes and strawberries .

    Lunch possible salad

    Dinner sea base with broccoli and green beans

  4. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Well few hick cups ! Joined a gym so back I. It today Will edit meals

    B fresh orange juice made with 3 oranges
    Omlette. - 3 eggs bacon green pepper 1/2 tomatoe spring onions .

    L tuna salad with new potatoes lots of green leaves oil basmatic vinegar .

    D roasted carrots courgette onion pepper
    Chicken with oil rosemary garlic
    And a creamy dressing made from low fat cream cheese ( not perfect sauce - but needs using up )

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  5. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    slimming world
    Hi livvy me again.

    Subscribing to your diary.
    I also have a nutribullet I never thought of putting avocado in it. What a good idea x

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  6. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Love juices and blending - just needier recipes .
    Not sure my posts are too adventurous yet though - just read other peoples lovely dinner choices
  7. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    slimming world
    Trial and error I guess. Its actually nice eating proper food

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  8. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Too much food today :(

    Started off good
    B orange juice boiled eggs
    L started off 2 scotch eggs with mayo - then as they were soooo nice had 4
    D sea bass cooked in butter seasoning with a ratatouille of mushrooms red onion courgette and pepper in passata with chill


    But then - went to friends and had burger and salad ( would of been ok except I couldn't resist the burger bun )

    My biggest problem is I love the paleo food and eat too much ahhhhj

    Oh well by writing this down ( as I drink a glass of red wine ) may help me by seeing it all

    Livvy x
  9. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Lol being honest on this site helps - back to work tomorrow - juices made - so good intentions started
  10. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Lovely dinner yesterday - daughters loved it

    Corination chicken
    Curry paste

    Roasted sweet potatoe and carrot chips
    Olive oil

    Green leaves
    Spring onions


  11. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Mmmmmm not been to good but at 9.13 not gained either -
    Going to try juicing/ detox for a few days to refresh and reenergise myself - day off so planning shopping and juicing fresh today and preparing tomorrow's juicing .
    ( jason vale plan )
    Then intend to juice for breakfast and paleo/ healthy/ clean rest if the day .

  12. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    We'll been busy watching what I eat have lost so down to 9.8 so a 5lb loss - following paleo to an extent - but 4 days out of 6 ( due to work/time-ease ) have a sandwich for work - no replace beats for bread !
  13. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    We'll haven't been eating too healthy - but with a tough job I'm at 9.8 still -
    Problem is I love carbs , need to knuckle down and be healthy clean eating .
    Going shopping tomorrow as with just over 2 weeks to Christmas I'm sure if I work hard I can loose 4lb .

    Need breakfast ideas that I can take to work as too cold for smoothies

  14. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

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    Primal eating
  15. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

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    Slimming World / 5:2
    Here to sub! I'm planning to restart clean eating in the new year (there's too much temptation around at the moment) and I could use all the inspiration I can get :)
  16. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Well Christmas binging over and a small gain ...., 2lbs .
    So at 9st 10.2 need to loose 10lb to be happy - 12 lb to be really happy .

    Had an interesting chat to a slimming world consultant - he said ditch the carbs and proceeded foods inc slimming bars fry light ect . And eat pure foods ( red/original day ) meat veg olive oils ! Very intresting - sounding a lot like paleo to me .

    So I'm using juicing and paleo method - but I am also human so if needs be will have the odd sandwich . Doing a 5 day juice plan on 3 jan

    Also intend to start to exercise soon ( ditched the gym )

    So a clean lean and healthy new year

  17. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Yes interesting that even slimming has done a full circle and promoting low carb - but also ( which I like ) he said the odd bowl of porridge and a sandwich would do no harm - didn't mention the wine though lol - after all I am human
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  19. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Thanks cave girl - I think in the past I've failed as I was too struck and got too stressed on what I could avd couldn't eat .
  20. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    2 jan 136.8 lb sts

    Time to get this new year going sisters birthday today so may fall slightly
    Made up juices yesterday for breakfast and lunch

    1/2 pineapple 4 apples 2 pears 1/2 bag spinach 1/4 cucumber 1 stick celery 1 lime ginger 1/2 avacardo

    Also got rid of any Christmas naughties

    D meal out with be steak I think with potatoes and salad

    Changing wine for vodka lol
  21. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

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    Atkins Maintenance
    Hi Livvy and happy new year. My downfall is red wine and dark chocolate - need to cut them out for a few weeks even if allowed most of the rest of the time! Have a good week
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