Clothes last longer...anyone else noticed this?


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I'm finding my clothes are lasting longer now I've lost weight.

I'm not getting the wear inbetween the inner thighs on trousers.

Less bobbling on t shirts.

To be honest, I can wear my tshirts and jumpers for a little longer before washing as I don't have that 'shelf' that attracts drips of coffee :eek:

Anyone else notice this?
yes...but dont you find that since losing weight you cant resist trying and buying loads of new clothes in smaller sizes I know I spent a fortune last year.
yeh i agree, clothes last longer. my trousers used to be thread bare between the thighs were my fat ole legs rubbed together

and i was forever dropping food down my front, i dont do that anymore

i went through a phase of buying tons of clothes when i first lost weight, now im much more selective. i dont buy them just cause they fit, i buy them cause they flatter my shape.

im going on hols in 3 weeks and my size 12s take up far less room in the case than my size 22s.

i was folding up the ironing the other day and putting my stuff in the drawers and noticed i can get double the amount of things in the drawers cause they take up half the space.

also i dont get sweaty anymore, i was always wet under the arms and was always concious of stinky pits..not anymore
Oh yes! Less ironing too. I'm buying much too much, but I swear the stuff is less expensive.

And the sweat rashes. :eek: No more!

Just to be rid of the paraphernalia I went through to stop those rashes.

I do love my body being 'here'. Life is so much easier.