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Frumpy Clothes


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Is anyone else stuck in a style rut? I feel soooo frumpy in my clothes despite having lost. I took a pair of trousers in four inches last week in the hope it would radically transform me but it didn't really do that for me. I'm bored of wearing the same few outifts over and over. I wear leggings and a big baggy top mostly. I think that people would find it hard to notice any weightloss with what I wear!

I've never liked trying to dress my body and now I just feel inbetweeny and bleh! I'm trying to hold off buying any clothes because I really can't afford to but I don't think it's doing much for my self-esteem!

How did you go about getting out of your rut?
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What about buying some bright new accessories? Chunky beads, ineresting scarves, hair clips, earrings, etc. You won't shrink out of them so easier to justify the spending. Or a new hairstyle or make-up change?

What kind of things do you like??
I've been buying on ebay and then selling things back on when they've grown too big for me.

There are some fab bargains to be had.
im with you Fray, i have dropped 5 dress sizes and i still stuck to my baggy old clothes untill few weeks ago when i almost lost me trousers walking the dogs and my knickers to!!!!:eek:

i have listed all my old size 32 clothes over the weeks on ebay and i have made 3 hundred pound, so i treated myself to some clothes from new look and asda , cheap and cheerful and will sell them on when i drop some more weight.

get yourself to the shops and try some clothes on that fit, i bet you will spurred on when you see the new you and go on a shopping spree. clothes that fit make all the difference :D


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It's not even like I ever go out anywhere! We don't go to pubs, clubs, parties or even the cinema. I'm a hermit! I don't know what the matter is with me today! I'm thinking about going to have a shower and style my hair differently afterwards. OH wouldn't even notice, mind!
When I do get out to the shop (once a fortnight maybe - health issues) the charity shops never have anything big enough! I used to have all my mum's hand-me-downs but, understandably, they're not really my "thing".

I've just been looking on Ebay but everything I liked was expensive!

I might go with Lucky7 and put on some different accessories or something and go and do my hair! Seems a bit funny to sit around the house dressed up! :D
I too am living in leggings and baggy tops. I dont see the point in getting new stuff at the moment. I have some earlier "thinner" things that I can nearly fit in but not quite yet, well, I dont think I can yet, I shall have to go and retry them soon, but I know what weight I was when they did fit me and I am not quite there yet.

I bought a new dress when I was going out with my sisters back in July, which cost me a whole tenner, and I had to buy some new leggings coz the 3/4 combat pants I was wearing for WI stopped fitting me a while ago, but I certainly dont have anything that is suitable for selling on Ebay, its all hand me down hand me down hand me downs of mostly antique levels. I could certainly use a couple of hundred quid to do a restock with when I get there though.
Fray - the difference I feel when I'm on school hols so don't bother with my hair / makeup / etc and slouch around in PJ's or leggings is immense!

I def think it's worth prettying yourself up, if only for yourself. The NHS don't get hairdressers in for terminally ill patients for nohing you know!

Besides which, if you don't try new hair / makeup / etc out now, it'll be really stressful to try to put it all together when you DO want to go out.



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Fray have you asked on your local freecycle group - i have been giving all my "too big" clothes away, and there are so many people wanting them, i also give away all the kids/husbands clothes away, you can post a message saying WANTED or OFFERED

I am luck in that i have all size clothes in my wardrobe, so every now and then i have a trying on session, its a bit like going shopping but everything is free, i then give away everything that is too big

was in asda yesterday and they had lovely 3/4 length jeggings and t-shirt reduced between £3-5


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Can I suggest that instead of "baggy" you do "fitted". Like you, I used to hide in baggy clothes before and during my weight loss. But actually baggy clothes don't do you any favours and in fact make you look bigger than fitted ones. As it sounds like you can handle a needle and thread, why not try making your baggy tops into fitted ones - not tight, just shaped rather than shapeless?
Hi Fray.

We have a clothes exchange on here.

I had some superb jeans from Ellebear that only cost me the postage.

Those jeans put me back on the map again clothes wise. They made me feel trendy and casual/smart. I have rooted out allsorts of nice tops to go with my new jeans . They haven't been of my bum since I got them.

Freecycle and charity shops are great suggestions and you should get lucky some time.

I sympathise with you, that rut is a hard one to climb out of but once you have you will not look back. Just that one special item of clothing can do it and I got mine here.....thanks Ellebear !!

Good luck Frey.


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Can I suggest that instead of "baggy" you do "fitted". Like you, I used to hide in baggy clothes before and during my weight loss. But actually baggy clothes don't do you any favours and in fact make you look bigger than fitted ones. As it sounds like you can handle a needle and thread, why not try making your baggy tops into fitted ones - not tight, just shaped rather than shapeless?
Well said, I hid in baggy clothes, always bought at least a size bigger than i was, made me look huge and shapeless
I would definitely look on Ebay for clothes. I've had some bargainous Next jeans from there at a fraction of their new price. When you grow out of them just pop them back on ebay. Simples.

I agree 'fitted' is much more flattering as it doesn't make you look so big. Especially as you've lost weight so well. I would go down the accessories route too. Scarves are really fashionable at the moment and can really brighten up an outfit...Good luck, ZX
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Hi hun - great tip for you, buy a chunky belt (I got one from evans for £6), mine is black and I wear it over my baggy tops to give me more of a waist. xx


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Thanks for the advice everyone! I do actually own a chunky belt...two actually! I just don't wear them because it draws attention to my tummy when I cinch my waist in!

I'm stuggling to find clothes because, despite only being 5'8", I'm very leggy and the trousers are long enough and the tops aren't long enough once they go over my boobs. Constantly pulling my tops down! Haha. I tend to buy tunics because they're nice and long. I, too, buy clothes that are too big!


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I too always buy long tops!
They have to be long enough to cover my bum, and that rather attractive (!) flabby roll of fat extending from my tummy
Ah the joys of tops not being long enough! I'm tall, and have quite a long body. So atm my trousers are slipping down and tops aren't covering the slip. Constant fear of gut alert!

As for feeling frumpy i agree. But i agree on the fitted, it definitely removes "weight". Also makeup and jewellery make me feel better.

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