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omg the few shirts that I had that I thought I'd never wear again I manage to slip into comfortably after only on a week of LT!
I was upset previously that this really expensive shirt I had was too tight and I thought I'd never wear it again and when I tried it on today...OMGG :D

Makes it all worth it wondering why we are suffering thru this diet isn't it?
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Eyes on the Prize!!
well done. those moments make it all worthwhile. wont be long before you have your before and after photos!!


Don't Worry Be Happy
i can imagine how you feel ive gone from a 44" waist to a just about 38" waist and oh yeah that felt good,so well done and keep it up:)
its the best feeling !
Amazing! Well done. I can only hope i do as well as you, it would be amazing to have that feeling after one week, but it will be longer for me!

Good luck to you <3

P.s Starting today, so you're a week or so ahead of me! Look forward to chatting in the forums x
Great feeling!! Wish clothes were the same fit in all shops though:)
Agreed! I hate fitting into a size, and then feeling like such a fatty when the same size actually doesn't fit me from another store lol. I tend to buy stuff online to - which means i end up with clothes sitting around i can't fit into, hoping this diet will see me slipping into some of those garments ;) x
That's fantastic. I haven't tried any different clothes on yet - going to wait until my current ones are falling off me!!


Back on the diet train...
hey well done hun, is a fab feelin. i cant wait!!! :)


Eyes on the Prize!!
Well done!!

I had to go and get some more clothes the other day for work as I looked like a mess in the ones I had. All mishapen and baggy. I've never felt so good in looking bad!!

When I went in the shop I was shaking as it felt like a whole new experience not going round looking for something in my size rather than something I liked. It was really weird and it was almost like I shouldn't be doing it! Bizarre! Almost as if the lady in the shop would say "Er are these for you? I think you'll need a bigger size love!" I walked out the shop thinking "Oh my god" "I've just bought size 16 clothes and at Christmas I was buying size 20"

It's an amazing feeling.
yeah it feels really good now. Been a bad week, managed to stick to diet but when ur working 50+ hours in a row, you are gonna feel so hungry :~(
feeling slightly depressed cos the normal daily activities and socializing and stuff are all disrupted :/


Away with the faeries....
Well done on fitting into the shirts. It's such a good accomplishment. I managed it earlier last year. I wore a top to my Grandad's 80th (he passed away a month before Xmas =[) it was tight, not skin tight but uncomfortable tight. A couple months later I randomly tried on some clothes and it was loose enough to wear comfortably. Its such a nice feeling isn't it. Good luck with the rest of your journey.


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