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Cruise PP Coached 3-course menu

S as Stewed eggs with air-dried beef

Preparation : 15 minutes Cooking :
5 minutes For 4 people PP day
4 eggs
air-dried Beef 10 centilitres of 3 % fat crème fraîche 1 bunch
of chives Salt and pepper
Grease the
little moulds. Break 1 egg into each. Cut the air-dried beef into
strips and lightly brown in a non-stick pan. Add the cream and
seasoning and leave to simmer. Mix and pour over the eggs, around
the yolks. Put in a bain-marie
and bake in the oven on gas mark 5 until the egg whites are cooked
through. Add the chopped chives and serve.

S as Sea perch with basil

Preparation : 20 minutes Cooking :
4 minutes Resting time : 60 minutes For 4 people PP Attack Phase


grams of sea perch fillets
4 sprigs of fresh basil
1 teaspoon of olive flavouring
Salt and pepper

4 slices of
Dukan bread
3 table spoons of oat bran
2 table spoons low fat
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 egg

Dukan bread : Put the bran, baking
powder, Quark and egg in a rectangular dish. Cook for 4 minutes in
the microwave. Leave to chill. Brush the perch fillets with oil.
Leave to chill for 1 hour. Cut the fillets into strips. Finely
chop the basil sprigs. Mix with the remaining oil, add salt and
pepper. Take the Dukan bread and cut into 8 slices lengthways.
Grill the slices in a grilling pan on setting number 3. Arrange
the fillets on the slices on 4 plates, with a few fillets in the
middle. Cover it with the ready-prepared oil and basil mix. Serve

M as Microwave Sugar Cake

Preparation Time: 30
minutes, Cooking Time: 5 minutes, Refrigeration
Time: 12 hrs or over night. Serves 2-4.
Phase PP


Fat Free Normandy Fromage Frais
1 tea spoon of dark chocolate flavouring
1½ tsp Agar-Agar
4 tbsp. Splenda Granulated Sweetener
some hot skimmed milk

the 2 Dukan Light Genovese Sponge Cakes in advance and have ready.

Mix together the cocoa, Fromage
Frais, Splenda and Agar-Agar. In a separate bowl, using an
electric beater, beat the egg whites until soft peaks form and the
ends stand up and curl under. Gently fold the whites into the
fromage Frais mixture.
Slice the Genovese Sponge into pieces the
size of teaspoon drop biscuits. Line a suitable sized cake tin
with Cling Film. Heat some milk & dip the sponge pieces into
the warm milk then line the base of your lined cake tin. Spread
the mousse mixture over the top to fully cover all the pieces,
smooth the surface and cover with Cling Film. Refrigerate for 12
hrs or overnight before inverting onto a serving plate and
enjoying well chilled.
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Dukan Ancestor!!
Brill thanks! I wish they had recipes without flavouring (well I'll try them without anyway)... And a whole litre 3% creme fraiche? that's 1/4 L per person. Wow, we have been denying ourselves...

Maybe you can re-post in the recipes thread, but many thanks anyway this gives me some idea what I've (not) been missing....


** Chief WITCH **
I see 10cls (100ml) not a litre, Anja...

The "funny" thing about the coached menus is that you receive them the morning of the day you're supposed to eat them. Everyone queries that initially, and you're told tomorrow is fine or the next day, but you'd think people had personal shoppers and chefs to be able to knock up such a feast!

I asked Lisa if she wouldn't mind posting the odd coached menu to show us more inventive menus than some of our typical "chicken" lunches!

Thanks Lisa! Perhaps in recipe section henceforth though if you wouldn't mind?


Dukan Ancestor!!
I see 10cls (100ml) not a litre, Anja...
Ah yes, a centilitre is? 10ml? I get confused with decilitre, a favourite in some German recipes... which is 100ml!

And yes of course I'm always keen to see new recipes, even if only for inspiration!


** Chief WITCH **
Fractal - I buy agar agar in sachet form here (15g I think) and simply stir it in... works fine for me


Dukan Ancestor!!
I think we're missing a cooking stage up there in the dessert? How do we get from whisked egg whites to Genovese sponge? So the missing cooking / baking might just deal with the Agar.

OK RE-READ the instructions and the cakes come from ELSEWHERE!

I have flakes of the stuff here (all I could find) and the pack did specify boiling it first. I have used it in cheese cakes(just mix and bake) and jellies(with boiling) and it *seems* to work in the cake.


** Chief WITCH **
You're just not looking in the right places!

Recette Dukan: Génoise ou support dessert (PL) + photo

but of course!

-3oeufs;jaunes et blancs séparés
-2cs de maizena
-1,5cs d'edulcorant liquide
-1cc de levure
-1cc de vanille

3 eggs, white and yolk separated
2 tablespoons cornflour
1.5 tablespoons liquid sweetener
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla

-Melanger jaunes,maizena,vanille,levure
-Battre les blancs en neige ferme
-Incorporer les blancs
-Mettre dans un plat carré en silicone
-Enfourné a 180° 10min max
-Demoule et laisser refroidir sur une grille

Mix yolks, cornflour, vanilla and baking powder together.
Whisk the whites into firm peaks and incorporate into first mixture.
Place in a square silicon dish
10 mins in preheated 180°C oven.
Leave to cool on a baking grill...
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