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  1. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    I need to do this
    I can do this
    I will do it
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  3. beth26

    beth26 Full Member

    Think thin think thin ?? xx
  4. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    I am having issues posting from the app anyone else having it
  5. beth26

    beth26 Full Member

    Appears ok my end
  6. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    Hi All,

    I am starting my diet tomorrow STW and will need all the support and motivation.

    I weight 11stones 6 pounds. I have put on a stone after pregnancy and need to shift that first and than try to go back to my pre IVF weight of 8 stones.

    I am an accountant and have a desk job so sit for long hours and my worst enemy is coco cola. I am an addict I drink nearly 500ml to 1 litre a day. Hence the name cola belly.

    I used to weight 8.5 stones and I started IVF in 2012 October and in those 6 weeks I put on a stone. I was n emotional wreck taking those injections and indulged my self in cakes cookies chocolates anything u name it. I become 9.5 stones than I put on a stone throughout pregnancy. I did loose it but after a few months I went of plan and ended up putting on 2 stones after pregnancy.

    Now at 11.6 I need to loose 3.6 which will be a struggle and have no idea how I will survive

    Tomorrow is day 1 and any tips will be helpful.
    Coke is my enemy water is my new friend
  7. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    When trying to post from the website it states my post will not be visible until a moderator approves it. I have tried to post it several times.

    This is frustrating not sure y I am having these issues

    I will call it a day

    Catch up tomorrow my new friends
  8. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Hey there, thanks for the msg left on my post. I really appreciate it. Hope you get messaging sorted on the app hon.

    I haven't yet started on STW, have just cut right down and am going to order it tonight whilst I am at work. I have 2 weeks off from 8th so going to start it then as there won't be any food treats to distract me and I wont be working unsocial hours

    Charlie x
  9. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    Hi all

    I failed miserably today and gave in.

    Infer disappointed but I was just do tired and needed my sugar boost.

    I don't know what to do with myself u am really disappointed. I have been wanting to do this diet since August and everyday I fail I don't know what's wrong with me I never used to be like this but the lack of sleep and work u just cave in.

    I need some motivation and have decided will start on Monday now but I just need to try and refocus my mind
  10. beth26

    beth26 Full Member

    Cola do not stress huni! It is such a challenge to lose weight and keep it off! You will get in the right head space for Monday! Hve an extra shake if u need it! Better then sweets and crap! Maybe eat a protein meal, have lots if greens and fill up on it. Can gradually go on to just shakes or as u please. Everyone here is here to support each other, so vent and talk to us anytime! We will all get there! I have 9atone to lose, but taking it a day at time. I look at the inspiration photos on te CD page which helps and watch the fat loss program's to inspire me. Come on cola, weigh Monday and gooooo for it ?????
  11. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    Thanks Beth

    I am so glad I have somewhere to talk about things and your support is great.

    I m trying to drink water and reduce coke this week so hopefully Monday I can have a good start
  12. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    I am starting Mon too honey so will be with you all the way x

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  13. beth26

    beth26 Full Member

    That sounds like a good plan! We all here for you!
  14. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    Hey Loopy,

    Am glad u starting on Monday at least I'll have someone starting at the same time
  15. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    Thanks Beth really helps for someone to be there
  16. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Will be with you all the way chick :p

    Charlie x

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  17. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    How is your day going Cola? I started today (couldn't wait), but will only be a couple of days ahead.

    Charlie x
  18. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    hi Cola, it seems to me that you are doing the hardest bit now and that's kicking your cola habit. You can have coke zero though. No other types! Is it the caffeine that has you addicted or the sugar boost? You are allowed coffee to get your caffeine but the sugar boost problem will have to be persevered with. Take paracetamol if you get a headache and focus on your gorgeous bikini body when temptation sneaks up on you! You will wonder what held you back when you see the pounds melting away. You sound like you are good when faced with a challenge. You went through IVF!
    Good luck sweetie and don't worry, you have found a great support network and we are all here for you x
  19. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    Thank jneedham2000

    I think it's both I need the caffeine and sugar. I am not a tea or coffee person as have t once in a blue moon. I'll just learn how to drink water and not cola. It has to be done

    Well this weekend I had a feast.

    Stuffed myself with pizza Saturday nite with cola of course and today ordered a takeaway Chinese. Sipping my last fee sips of cola and having my fav peanut lion bar now and that's it ready for tomorrow fill my water bottle and start.

    Going to have an early nite as not slept much last nite my my baby is teething n been waking up every hour so am so shattered

    At least I work part time so have Mondays off so hopefully I can recover

    Tomorrow I just want I all to keep telling me to drink water constant reminders to get me going I need to do this
  20. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    You can do it chick, keep focused and look at what you will be able to achieve.

    Hope you get some sleep, don't envy the teething times. I wouldn't go back there for all the tea in China :rolleyes:

    Charlie xx
  21. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    Come on cola you can do this! Are you in the zone to lose some serious weight? You've got the tools to do it and the support team, the rest is up to you! Any signs of weakness tell us and we will be here for you.
    Jayne x

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