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I quit drinking caffeine 3 weeks ago but we're snowed in and I needed something other than water so I let my boyfriend get me a coffee. Come to find out that it is super powered coffee with about 500 mg of caffeine (about 5 times as much as in a normal cup of coffee). I'm a little hyped up right now and just wanted to share that with everyone.

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Well, so far we've had 14 inches of snow and are expecting 8-10 more inches before the storm is done. I live in the Midwest of the United States and basically we're experiencing a "once in a quarter century storm". Right now I have a 6 foot snow drift outside of my front door!


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he he is coffee ok in CD??


please try again
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black coffees fine

repace the sugar with a tablet sweetner and drop the milk. some people use a little vanilla shake insted in their coffee


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i decided to have a coffee yesterday, the first one in 6-7 weeks and it tasted awful, ive never had sugar in coffee so it wasnt any different to how i would normally have it but it just tasted sooooo bad


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I definitely wasn't impressed with this Coffee either. It doesn't help that I was so hopped up I didn't sleep so I don't think I'll be having any cravings for caffeine! :)


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Would not want to live without my coffee. But, then I grew up in Seattle (home of Starbucks). I even gave my husband a one cup coffee maker thing (like the Senso) and little coffees for Christmas. (Works for me, hee hee). I love the French Vanilla, Hazelnut and other flavours. I use the tablet sweetners, but even when I use the other type it does not seem to affect my weight loss.

However, eating a lot of what I have been cooking has -- plus going out with my company. So, I am pretty sure I will SS in the new year and continue until I reach goal.
I got a lot of fitness stuff (Wii accessories) for Christmas -- so, I need to get moving.


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Mmmmm coffee sounds great,I do ss+ and have no doubt that my coffee 's have kept me from reaching for anything else when I am tired and stressed.
Even my 2 year old knows mummy cannot function without her very large coffee in the morning.....infact I'm off downstairs to make one to buck myself up(pmt time).x