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hi guys well i restarted yesterday and am in the right frame of mind this time, however ive been drinking white coffee cos a cant take it black and when i get a craving for something to eat am drinking ma water and having coffee as this seems to be stopping me from cheating.

i know black coffee is allowed and milk isnt but im having 4-6 cups a day with a little milk.

do you think ill still get in to ketosis?
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You could use skimmed milk. Someone will tell you how much but on ss+ you can have 4 shakes and milk I think. Are you ss'ing? If so, it would be between plans on ss and ss+.
I've done ss and had a couple of white (skimmed) milk coffees and I've had no problems.
Try leaf teas aswell for hot drinks. I hated them before cd but just got sick of water and black coffee and now find them ok. Certainly feel better on water and green tea etc... than just drinking coffees all day... which was the norm pre-cd, and I mean all day with 1/3rd milk!!!
Funny how you can change and how you can like things you've previously hated.
Good luck.
well im ss and i never normally drank so much coffee i have green tea aswell but at the mo im finding the coffee is filling me up its making it easier especially being the first week the way i see it is a little milk and staying 100% or no milk and struggle. i will fade it out over the next week when i start feeling better. ive been on and off this diet since january and could you believe ave never managed to get past day 4 without cheating im hoping to do a week at least and see wot the difference is.
I've been slogging it since April so I know what you mean. Think a little milk in the grand scheme of things isn't the biggest deal if it gets you through the first couple of weeks.

Ok for your challenge, get to day 5!! I'm on day one (again) today so will be with you getting to day 7. We can do this ... I've found before (and you'll have heard before) that after day 10 it's sooooo much easier. I just get into the rythum, the weight is coming off and I miss food a lot less. I'm stronger in the head after day 10.
i hope i can be strong, im not hungry its just the actual eating and taste of food i find so hard giving up, im italian and i love ma pasta and ma dad is a awesome cook im totally obsessed with food when im on this diet yet when a come off it i get bored of eating what i want and miss the diet its just plain weird!!
I'm the same. I get times when I'm desperate for something. Mostly it's cereal? and healthy. As soon as I've eaten it I feel crap and miss the healthy cd feeling. Can't be pleased us women!
i dont live at home but ma dads real big on family meals at least once a week he understands when am dieting but he still invites me cos he knows a can barely resist.

when am on the diet a crave healthy food too and sometimes when i give in ill make a low carb healthy meal and really enjoy it, yet why is it when youre not on the diet you never seem to go for the healthy low carb meal instead choosing the menus lurking in the kitchen drawer instead lol. thats what i really need to change or i will just end up back at square one.

getting hungry now better make ma last shake its not too bad this week cos am working earlys getting up at like 3am so get to bed early.

do you notice that when youre on the diet you want to cook meals for others?


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Hi Melissa, I'm the same - at the moment I think a lot about healthy foods such as salmon and boiled vegetables. But when I "can" eat, I go for the junk food - strange, lol! As for your question about milk, I do my own version between SS and SS+, ie 3 packs a day BUT with skimmed milk in my coffees. My last 2 low weight losses is nothing to do with the milk I've had - simply due to too much snacking :)
hi mala, i dont really mind how much i lose as long as i lose and not gain thats whats important and if a wee drop milk works then why not. well done on your losses so far though youve done well x
I cook loads on the diet, get obssessed. Have hubby and 3 kids though so need to cook.

Whenever I'm off the diet, I eat worse than before the diet. For me I think it's punishment for not finishing the journey AGAIN. I have two neighbours that lost a couple of stones on the diet (instead of my 5+) and they followed the maintenance steps religiously. Months on they haven't put an ounce back on.

This time I will finish and I will follow the steps! Only way to keep it off for me, I know that now!
i need to change my view of food, whenever i do well on a diet i stuff ma face wi everything i missed during and the best bit is i dont change ma portion size still eat huge plates full i wish there was nae bad food lol.
Hello again. How are we doing today. I am back on here to stay focussed. That little devil is saying 'don't know if I can do this' but I know I can!! So using the will power tonight and will be tapping away on here again to keep focussed.
Also did a bit of research into where to go from here, hitting healthy bmi and then moving up the plans, so am armed with a plan. Just wish it wasn't all going to take 6weeks minimum!
hi flowey been good again today there was points in the day where i found myself thinking - who cares if am fat. and cos am a bus driver im costantly seeing and smelling food all day espec at lunch time when all the bakerys are busy its absolute torment.

i ended up going to the bingo tonight to take ma mind off it but an elderly couple sat next to me with chips n cheese aaargh.

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