Coke Zero...To drink or not to drink??


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...That is the question! :confused:

My LLC said rebellious child in me went and drank it anyway! :p

My weightlosses over the past 3 weeks as an example:

Week 23: 2 lbs lost ( NO COKE ZERO)
Week 24: 2 lbs lost ( NO COKE ZERO)
Week 25: 7lbs lost ( 1 glass of Coke Zero each night as a treat!) :D

Figure that one out! Oh, and I AM still in ketosis!!!??

I agree that we all react differently to drinks that may be flavoured with natural flavourings, but it works for me!

Just wanted to add my penneths worth! :rolleyes:
I think you got to do whatever it takes to get you through your journey. For some that means, no extras. Yet for others, myself included, its treats like this that keep me going.