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Coke Zero.....

I was wondering - i am not a tea or coffee drinker at all....let alone without lots of milk BLEURGH! :jelous:

Would i be able to get away with having the odd can of coke zero? I've checked the ingredients it doesn't have anything in it that i can see would take you out of ketosis.....i just feel like i need a little caffeine fix....especially with the cold weather setting in i'm feeling very lethargic!

Thought i'd check if anyone else has had any while on LL and found if it takes you out of ketosis or affects weight loss?

:) thanks in advance!
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I'm on Cambridge diet which is the same but CHEAPER!!, and Coke zero is fine in small quantities, as it doesn't have citric acid in it, although they do say it makes you feel hungry, but it hasn't me
LL do say that you're not supposed to have it. Diet drinks are known to make you hungry and also there's lots of stuff in it that's not good for you. Trust me, you'll get used to the lack of caffine soon. I never thought I'd be able to survive without my morning cuppa but trust me, drinking diet coke or coke zero will jeapordise your diet and make it much harder for you.
Im not on LL either Im on Exante (which is cheapest of all :p lol) I have to admit I have maybe a couple of cans a week. Im the same as shazza its never affected me at all, not weight loss wise and hasnt made me hungry. It wont take you out of ketosis as it has malic acid not citric acid.

I dont think any of the VLCDs officially recommend Coke Zero, they all say to stick with water/tea/coffee. Ultimately though its your choice, I find having it occasionally helps keep me on the straight and narrow.
Hi starlight, I'm sure you were on CD last year? you doing ok?
Thanks ladies, i appreciate your comments. I am trying to get over the lack of caffeine - and hopefully will manage not to have a can of coke zero, but at least it i really need it i can have a small amount!
Kim, before I started LLT I drank almost exclusively Coke Zero and 7Up Free. Seriously, I was drinking it by the can and drank about 8 cans (maybe more) a day of the stuff. So naturally, I was petrified about suddenly not being able to drink it any more, as I don't really like water and I don't drink tea or coffee (or hot drinks in general, really).

However, I'm 6 weeks in now and I haven't had a single lapse in terms of either food or drink. I was so sure that I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open without the caffeine I was so used to having, but honestly, no kidding, I really feel great. I have so much energy, I almost never feel tired... I've never been a morning person and normally it takes me a couple of hours to feel fully functional, but at the moment I can jump straight out of bed and be energetic and ready for the day. So you will survive!

The way I look at it is, even though there's nothing in those drinks that will knock me out of ketosis, they're still not good for me and I'm so determined to see this diet through to the end that I'm not willing to do even the smallest thing that might jeopardise it. The water flavourings helped me a lot in terms of being able to drink as much water as I need.

Anyway, best of luck whatever you decide!
Thanks Joiya, I am very similar - i was seriously addicted to diet coke before i started LL - i'd drink almost nothing but diet coke on some days...i am glad to kick the need for it, and it is only this week (week 4 for me) that i am struggling with tiredness and lack of energy - so much so i have had to have naps after work this week i've literally felt that tired. I am hoping it's the weather or somethig causing it....and hopefully i'll adjust without needing any coke for caffeine.

If this makes sense - it makes me feel happier knowing i could have it - and i am choosing not to have it, than thinking i am not allowed it! So i am going to keep going without! I did buy some sparkling water to try with the orange or fruits of the forest flavouring to see if that satisfies the 'fizzy' craving i have!

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