Attack Cola chicken

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by LittlestWookie, 16 June 2014.

  1. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Well-Known Member

    Whoever created that recipe is a goddess!!!

    I would have licked the frying pan clean if I could

    :) heavenly!
  2. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Well-Known Member


    I used the following spices

    Hot chilli powder
    Cayenne pepper
    Ground Paprika

    Just a dash of each :) tasted like BBQ chicken x
  3. catz_marr

    catz_marr Well-Known Member

    Sounds amazing - must try! any other meats go well in this?xx
  4. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Well-Known Member

    I have only used chicken, but could work with beef? X
  5. Dukanista

    Dukanista Well-Known Member

    So did you try the beef version? :)
  6. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Well-Known Member

    I haven't, xx
  7. neilster

    neilster New Member

    This has turned out to be my favourite thing of the whole Dukan diet!
  8. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Well-Known Member

    Wookie! Thank you so much for posting this, I had it last night - AMAZING ;)
  9. Wozzachops

    Wozzachops Active Member

    Could someone post the recipe please? X
  10. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    The recipe is there (in the second post as an attachment). Maybe not visible on a phone though?

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