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coldest I have ever been...

it is colder today, well it is where i live! i always have a hot bath? or get up and start moving about and get everything flowing, that might make you warmer, both difficult if your busy working i realise! xx
its definitely much colder today, normally even on CD im quite warm and my house always seems to be warm, think its living in a mid terrace but today im freezing, was even sat shivering before :gen125::winter_brr:


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I have been so cold lately, it's unreal- I'm putting it down also to the fact I don't have so much insulating fat! This is what is making me struggle though with food, despite the hot shakes and copious cups of Rooibos! I keep thinking I'm hungry, when I'm sure that it's my stomach just feeling cold!


Can hug her knees :)
It is colder today I need thermal underwear might be not flattering than the 2 hoodies I have on at the moment , I hate being cold :( xx
My nurse friend on facebook said, when i commented yesterday about being cold that it down to not having the insulation in body i was used too. I said i would rather be skinnier and cooler than hotter and fat.lol
Hey!!! lol you are all making me dread coming back to UK next Friday to visit my mum for a few days. I get the feeling I am going to freeze.
I have noticed though - I am keeping my flat here warmer than i usually do. i usually have it at about 20-21 and I seem to have the thermostat at 23 all the time at the moment.
i agree..... brrrrr. I think i am bugging my work friends recently as every ten minutes Im like 'its cold, am freezing!' x
Me too, soooo cold today, I just can't get warm. My 8 stone flubber suit must have kept me well insulated lol and now it's gone I feel like a fridge.
It is a lot colder today. We had an unusally warm autumn and are now in shock, I think. But, maybe it'll snow?!
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...



please try again
:gen125: i have my thermostat up at 27, im wearing a vest, t shirt and jumper with tights and jeans and im wrapped in a blanket and i still cant feel my toes. the ketosis curse strikes again!
Maybe a nice cup of tea would help. I'm wearing socks, slippers, jeans, a shirt, underclothes, and a fleece...
I can hardly write this i have so many layers on i have the heating on and am sat in my thick coat, the ketosis fairy arrived back on wednesday and i have spent more time shivering. I think the fat suit i used to wear must have kept me warm and padded as i when i wake up in the morning if i have been lying on my side for a long time my hip bones hurt. Still i prefer being slimmer. I have had so many comments from customers this week...... All men and all very flattering xx


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I am dreading my gas bill, for the last 6 weeks my fire is never off when I am home, and I spend my life on the floor in front of it, otherwise I am freezing.
Oh, I wasn't even thinking about the gas bill. Maybe I should turn down the heat and put on my ski underwear.
Hi Clare,

Not sure maybe a sporting goods store would have some pre-holiday sales.

Ohh i'd rather be poorer and skinny with lots of heating on than richer and fatter with no heating :D *my twisted world*

Yes its freeeeezing ive had temps of 70 plus this last few days away and this is a SHOCK!
I went shopping yesterday and popped into Primark and got some PJ's in fleece material. You would LOL if you could see me in my Chocolate and Cream Zebra Striped fleecey JimJams but i am nice and warm and snuggly all for the bargain price of a fiver.

I think all CD'ers should have some xxx

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