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Colonics... warning, could be TMI if you are squeamish

Colonics... rock! :D

For all of those who wanted to know what its like - all I can say is give it a go! Just back from my first one, and WOW I feel a load better. SLightly drained (haha), but thats normal. It took a qhile to get things moving as on CD as you all know things can get stuck, and they had been stuck for nearly a week LOL. But with the 2nd tank of water going in, things started to move and we had lots of pebbles ROFL :p

Its not painful, not uncomfortable, just a strange sensation, almost as if you feel you need to, er, go to the loo!

I'm going again in a few weeks time, its really money well spent specially whilst on CD!
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weighs a lot less
always fancied a go myself but not brave enough was it expensive and do you think it would be benificial for some one on lipotrim
Mine was £60 - theres nothing to worry about, its perfectly ok :)

I would recommend it regualrly whilst on a LT as you do need some help to get things shifted, and that will also mean you arent having to take laxatives, as most of us have to when we're on VLCDs.


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60 pounds for a poo lol .... how much for a wee lol
Welcome back Elle , not seen a post from you in ages .
Thats A S#*T way to spend £60.:D
Whats the main benefit other than getting a load off your mind.
As you know sometimes its like passing a breeze block on LT:(, generally whats the consistency on exit, is it:-

A. like emptying you wellies after strolling along Brighton beach.:eek:
B.like turning a power shower on full bore:tear_drop:
0r C. giving birth to a small family car :mad:

Answers on a post card:D
Er... the main benefit is getting a load off the inside of your colon....

I guess you could do it yourself and save £60.....
I think my botty as a one way sign on it, :p


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I think my botty as a one way sign on it, :p

I've heard about having one with coffee in it. I've ALWAYS said I'd love to have one, but am not sure I'd actually go and get it done. I said to my friend we could go together.......but I'm first. :eek:
I would love to give it ago Elle and you just reassured me a bit! Might have to look into it x
I would love to give it ago Elle and you just reassured me a bit! Might have to look into it x
if you do, dont use a mirror get someone else to do it:px
I once shaved mi bum through mirror it ended up looking like a clip from Sir Jimmy Savilles clunkclick campaign:eek:
Elle, I've waiting to hear how you got on. I'm glad it was an enjoyable experience.
I just had water - I've heard of coffee ones too but that doesnt really appeal LOL. I prefer to drink my coffee not be inwardly rinsed in it!

Feeling pretty tired today which is quite normal so they say - really didnt want to get up and could quite happily curl up on the sofa for the afternoon....

Fattothin - hmmm yes... I wonder why it is that so many blokes seem to be so terrified of colonics?! haha.


Back on the wagon!
Oh...sounds good...will keep that in mind when I am back on LT....hated having to take laxs all the time?

Well - how does the scales look???


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Hey, Just thought i would mention that i had a clonic on friday. I actually found it really uncomfortable. It was my first one. The lady said that it was uncomfortable cos i had alot of blockages. When the water hit a blockage it felt like i had food poisioning! It was worth it though, i would deffinately still go again!! Oh, the place i went was quite private as well so i didnt feel too embarrassed. I didnt lose any weight though, didnt check my inches either!

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