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Earlier this evening I had the misfortune to watch what was probably an old episode. Can't remember the town featured but three out of the four contestants were just lovely. The fourth, a vinegar-mouthed and very large misery called Annette, has just ensured that I won't ever forget this old episode!

To watch a 57-year-old woman make such a fool of herself - being so thoroughly impossible, mean-spirited and argumentative in such warm and pleasant company - was toe-curling.

I wonder how she privately felt when she saw herself on tv, in all her horrid glory? If she did not recoil in shock and shame, and resolve to forever after become a better person, then she really is beyond saving from herself.

One of the chaps there tried gallantly to first joke her out of it. The next night, however, when she was just ridiculous and spitefully childish, he told her to stop behaving like a two year old. Despite being at the end of his patience, as was I, he remained polite and civil.

Out of sheer spite she then, in the taxi, marked the girl who had hosted that dinner as, 'FOOD - 10/10. AS A HOSTESS - 0'. So her final mark for the sweet girl who had cooked a gorgeous meal was 0. And this was delivered with her customary puffy-faced scowl.

What a battle-axe! I don't usually come online to vent about such things but jeez. She was too much. Anyone else watch this episode tonight?
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LOL - i remember seeing that one ages ago - she was a sour faced old bint right enough lol - but imagine how ridiculous she looked to all her family and friends when that episode was aired. Always bear in mind though that we're seeing snapshots of what has happened over a whole evening and they are edited to within an inch of their lives to make it more 'watchable' lol. The moral of the story is, if you're ever going on Come Dine with Me - then you ingratiate yourself with the production team so they portray you in the best light possible.

Have to say though, one of my favourite progs on telly and I skyplus every channel that it's on and speedwatch on a saturday when hubby's at the footie

Val x
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Love CDWM, love the comentator guy makes me giggle a lot. Ia lways think when people don't ahve confidence in what they are making or saythey have never made it before WHY GO ON national tv n make a prat of yourself like that. Make tried n tested things that you know work!

Hubby n i often sit n plan what we would make if we were on it, all very unhealthy undiet suitable stuff.

I have seen them film bits of it in the market here in Leeds the odd time over the last year or so.

Lea x
It's a great wee series, and a great idea. I agree that it is edited to make sure viewers at home find it entertaining but some of them come across so badly they must surely cringe afterwards! It's funny when they are tipsy cos the nice ones usually get a bit daft and giggly and the nasty ones seem to get more and more sour lol.
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Love CDWM, think I've probably seen pretty much every episode now.

Has anyone been watching that new one, "Come Date With Me"? I really can't get into it, it's just not the same.
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I watched Come Date With Me last week and I didn't enjoy it.I'm sure I've seen something like it before.
Yeah, there is a similar programme called Dinner Date which I actually really enjoy. Cannot get into this Come Date With Me at all though, really disappointed.
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I love come dine, it's the commentary it's so funny :)


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actually thats larry lamb in eastenders who is george lambs dad lol and george lamb is tv presenter think he did big brothers little brother and he did the bank job which was on a couple of weeks ago.

I was also curious if Dave Lamb was related to them but after much googling I don't think he is lol
Come dine with me is one of the best programmes on telly in my opinion!, i swear i musta seen every single episode, but they are SO picky sometimes!, I love Dave Lamb he makes the programme.

Did anyone see the come dine with me down under (the Australian version)? I thought it was rubbish
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yup and totally agree just wasn't as good at all!
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I think the woman that came across worse was one who had a cut shot of her saying she'd never do it again and that the people were peasants or something.. and then it cut to a memorial to one of the contestants who had died after the show had ended.

But I do love it. :) my university has a soceity of it, but I'm not great at cooking


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The Edinburgh one always makes me cringe with Liz the self proclaimed cougar! Lol its so funny! x
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Did anybody watch the top 30 come dine with me moments? I was disappointed by the first one as it was not that shocking. That Italian hairdresser was so rude though.

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