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  1. Ben 1979

    Ben 1979 Member

    I was on LT in the summer for a week and after 4 months of being relatively careful I have decided to go back on and see if I can beat my last record - 10 days! It worked really well and I lost 6KG in just 10 days so not sure if I will lose more or less this time round - anyone take a guess?

    May need some help - staying well clear of the Chicken Soup this time though! Are there any new flavours yet?

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  3. Cookeh

    Cookeh Recovering Cookie Addict

    Hi Ben

    Welcome back to LT. I tried twice before and only made it to around days 4 and 12 respectively. I'm now on Day 42 and going strong so there's no reason why you can't be successful on your second attempt.

    No, there are no new flavours, haven't been in years, I think because it's supposed to be like medicine, they don't want you finding the soups, shakes and bars moreish hehe

    You will probably have a good weightloss again in week 1 because each pound of glycogen is stored with around 4lbs of excess water so (iirc) so as you lose your initial store of glycogen and go into ketosis you will lose a lot of water weight, then after that it's pure fat \o/ yay!

    Best of luck on your restart, this forum is wonderfully supportive so stay in touch and hopefully it will help you keep on track this time around :)
  4. jay78_uk

    jay78_uk Full Member

    Hi Ben!!

    I'm going for my first weigh in tomorrow and feel great!!

    this is my first time trying LT, did Weight Watchers last year and did pretty well but LT was the diet for me!!! cold turkey!! and so far so good

    i'm really determined to crack it and i definately feel i'm over the worst of it

    best of luck anyhow

    Jay ;)

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