commting myself to another 13 weeks ss


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Hiya all, since my holiday in ny in nov, xmas in dec, and my birthday on sat I have been a bit distracted from this diet, and have now decided to commit myself to another 13 weeks ss.. no more nibbles or special occasions... and hoping to get close enough to my goal after 13 weeks the be able to go up the plans after that.

So here begins day 1 of my 13 weeks! So excited! I have marked in my calender the end of my 13 weeks and keep that date in mind i cant wait!

Feeling a bit poop today finding it hard to take in enough oxygen to breath (obv not cd related) think it is a work thing because 2 of my colleagues have same symptoms and one if off sick!

Hope you are all well.. getting weighed tonight and i had a sneeky mexican for my birthday on sat so not looking forward to it... but never mind.. 13 weeks here i come!
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Ooooh I'm with you on this Helen. It was my birthday on Friday and i am afraid I went wild for 4 days so Congrats to you on just having a Mexican!

I am now planning on staying SS until 26th March.


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I was just looking at your diary on You Tube this morning to see if you'd done a new one lol.

Best of luck for the 13 weeks hun!

I don't know how long I'm allowed to stay on SS for. I heard some people say it's just till your BMI is 25... :confused: I was hoping to be on it longer as I want to get rid of my food demons. Not going to be on it long if I can only have it to 25 BMI:cry:


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Happy belated birthday Helen!!! You've done so well you deserve a treat once in a while hun xx

Happy belated Alexice!!! a couple of days off track for your birthaday is allowed well done on all your weight lossxx


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Hi All

Just to confirm - you cannot SS after getting to a BMI of 25 - so helenfrompoole - I wish you all the very best with your 13 weeks, but I have a feeling your ss'ing will be finishing before then as your BMI drops down, and NumNums - you really should be moving up to 810 in the next week following your next loss.
810 isn't too different to SS, so don't be scared. It's a good plan, still in ketosis, and just a few choices for your evening meal.

Unfortunately, if you visit us in the maintenance forum, you'll see the food demons don't go until you start to face them as you go up the plans.

Wishing you all the very very best



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good luck everyone! iam also joining in girls, i turned to carbs this week, totm and i just went crazy!!! back in ketosis :( .. but feel out of control and i hate it, so im back to shakes only and nothing else. i was planning ss until end of march, i dont know how this will work with me and my CDC is a little different and encourages me to eat lots of proteins with my shakes as and when i want it, one week im ss the other im ss+ so i dont go off the rails so maybe i can just keep going like that a little longer as suits me more. xxxxx