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Fed up of being fat!
Way to go Missy!

If you're gonna cheat you might as well go all out.. I know I would LOL:8855:

I'm sure you'll be back in ketosis before you know it!
i could actually kick myself....i now feel like sh!t :(

(sods law isnt it!)


Fed up of being fat!
Chin up, it's done, and there's nothing you can do now.. except move onwards & upwards..

It will probably spur you back on again now even more :)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Aww draw a line under it hun, accept it and start afresh, we all fall off the wagon sometimes and as Z says, at least you did it in style and had something worth having! xx
I did the same thing. I had my anniversary over the weekend and went out for TWO three course meals! Don't think I'll be loosing my two pounds this week! But everyone's right, we should just draw a line and work extra hard I'm off to do my workout dvd as a penance!


Silver Member
Awww it's not the end of the world, we all have a blow out every now and then it's nowt to be ashamed of.

Like everyone says just draw a line under it and get straight back on it and you'll soon be feeling great again xx :D
ive been good today, loads of water and protein

OMGH did my stomach hurt this morning!!!

im now eating chicken, mushys and broccoli...

am NOT falling off the wagon again lol


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lol if ya gonna fall off the wagon, may aswell fling yourself off it in style :D

good job with climbing back on! :)

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