Confessions of an Indecisive Dieter

Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by ilikepencils, 21 August 2012 Social URL.

  1. This is the only diet I haven't tried. I love VLCD's, but my leg muscles don't, I get severe cramps daily, even with crampex, so this seems like a good compromise.

    I've wanted to start this diet for months, but the show I watched earlier, about fasting and the alternate day diet really motivated me to get started today.
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  3. Principessa N

    Principessa N Minimins Addict

    I love the title of your diary, that could so be me. I haven't managed a down day yet because i felt like you but ended up binging.
    I would love to do a vlcd but the only shakes i like are cd and I can't afford it although I don't think i'd be able to stick at it any better than this. Enjoy your up day x
  4. Emilyx

    Emilyx Silver Member

    Hey I felt like pants on my down day yesterday, but generally I always feel okay on a down day! It was odd :/ I do 2000 cals on a up day and 500 on a down day with food and I normally find after an up day I'm stuffed! Hope your up day goes well :)
  5. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    hello you!!!! I haven't seen you in what feels like years!! How are you doing?!

    I started juddding in july and its the best thing I ever did! x
  6. passionflower

    passionflower Silver Member

    Hello and good luck. stick with it as it gets better, my second dd was by far easier then the first and the 3rd one was positively enjoyable. I do cook though and choose big meals filled with veg and lean protein versus white carby things.
  7. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Passion flower I really need some of your meals to get me through im blimin about to eat my hand off!!!
  8. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Gold Member

    Ha that last comment made me chuckle I keep looking at my oh's legs they are starting to look like chicken legs yum haha :)
  9. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    ha thats funny!!! xxxx good luck today xx
  10. passionflower

    passionflower Silver Member

    Its not that bad girls tell your head he's wrong making you think you're hungry because you are not. I have to say i try to avoid bread and other insuline productive carbs because as soon as you have it it gets turned into sugar and you experience the lovely sugar coma. Stick to boring veg and lean protein on your DD's they will go further keepin your blood sugar levels steady and making you feel full.
  11. Thanks for the welcome girls.

    This has been quite a strange day! No hunger at all. I've only managed to have my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast (which I didn't enjoy as much as I usually do!) and I'm not craving anything! Ah well, they always say you want what you can't have, and that is always true in my case lol.

    Hanna - it must have been over a year since Exante! :p So glad you like this diet, you're doing really well!

    Passionflower - I wish I could fill up on healthy stuff too, but I'm on such a strict budget for the next month after overspending, I'm just using up what is in the freezer. I might use up my S&S and Exante stuff on down days for now.

    Being single again seems to make everything so much harder, even shopping!
  12. Yesterday's UP day

    B - scrambled eggs on toast (1 yolk, 2 egg whites, 2 bread)
    L - frosties with skimmed milk
    D - spaghetti bolognese
    S - sausage and tomato sandwich (2 bread, 2 sausages)

    Today's D day - need to drink more water!

    B - peach

    Daily weigh-ins

    I've lost 9lbs over the last 3 weeks so I'm not expecting a big first week weight loss!

    21st - 14 stone 10 3/4 lbs
    22nd - 14 stone 9 3/4 lbs
    23rd - 14 stone 9 1/2 lbs
  13. Who knew mushroom omelets were nice without yolk and cheese. :p
  14. B - peach
    L - egg white mushroom omelet, small salad
    S - Slim & Save porridge
    D - half low fat chicken & mayo burger

    All just under 500 cals

    It's been much easier today.
  15. passionflower

    passionflower Silver Member

    woohooo it's looking good. and it's an UP daaaayyyy for you :D
  16. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Really?! :eek:

    P x
  17. ^ :p

    Daily weigh-ins
    I've lost 9lbs over the last 3 weeks so I'm not expecting a big first week weight loss!

    Edited because I went back up for aweek

    I know I shouldn't weigh daily, but I'm an obsessive scale hopper! I just can't help myself lol.
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  18. Emilyx

    Emilyx Silver Member

    Lol, well done on the loss so far! I always daily weigh but haven't this week for some reason :/ It helped me with the first week as I liked seeing the numbers go up and down then on weigh in day it went down to a number I've never seen before so its a bonus! I agree about omlettes being nice without the yolk! (don't like cheese anyways lol) its my savior on down days as its less than 50 cals :) xxx
  19. You are such a lucky girl not liking cheese! I can't buy it anymore because I'll eat the whole block within a few days haha.

    Well I won't be weighing myself tomorrow because I'm having a tipple or two. :party0016: I know JUDDD works for many on here, but I'm always paranoid I'll be one of the select few!
  20. Emilyx

    Emilyx Silver Member

    Lol! My ex was like that but the only cheese I like is philly cheese (oh and maybe some cheesy music too lol) Hope your enjoying your drinks :D & just remember with a down day the "drink weight" will fall off ya lol

  21. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    I too weigh myself every day and I live to c the scales go down - not as happy when they go up! Lol. But recalling them going down after a dd makes sticking to DD's easier!!
    Looking forward to seeing you get to target :) xx

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