confused just a bit about meals on CD.



Im a bit confused but it might be just because im not experimenting with stuff....I dont know.
I am currently following SS+. I read on these forums that people have things like tuna salad, mushrooms, put food in mushrooms to bake etc .... and someone even said that on 810, CD are soon to be introducing eggs so you can have a mushroom omelette :eek: Now I may just be confused as I havent been mixing anything, just had them how they are such as some cottage cheese straight from the pot (not adding anything) with brocolli or something. But some of these suggestions on here do sound rather nice. Even though surely the small amount of salad you are allowed is too small for a tuna salad ?!? Anyway, are we allowed to mix and match different things ? I think I just need to start experimenting with different things.
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