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hiya. ive just joined here and im looking to lose about a stone. for the past fortnight ive been eating (reasonably) healthily (about 900-1200 calories a day) and going to the gym 5 days a week for 45min-1hr, which at my level of activity should burn about 400 calories each time. I havent lost any weight yet, which is massively frustrating.
I do eat some chocolate pretty much daily, but im pretty addicted so i dont think thats anything id be able to stop. Apart from that i try to be relatively healthy, i dont eat a lot of carbs (except cereal). Can anyone explain why i havent lost any weight yet? My friend is doing it with me and shes lost about 5lbs. I dont feel like i would be able to restrict my calorie intake much further. I want to quit because nothings happening but at the same time i want to wear a bikini in the summer and be really smug. Help?
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With all that exercise you're probably not eating enough and your body's going into starvation mode and hanging onto the calories. I'd say you need 1,000 calories a day without the exercise. I'm not sure about calories to be honest though, I only ever did a calorie controlled diet many many years ago, I couldn't be that strict nowadays.
Well, during an A-level science lesson my teacher told me i should be eating about 1400 calories a day to not gain weight, which i within reason attempted to stick to... so i thought cutting out a couple of hundred, teamed with exercise, would do the trick. Ive now decided to start weightwatchers - but i gather at about 15points a day that may even work out as more calories! I put on a stone at university which i had no trouble losing, but i cant seem to get below my weight im at now for some reason.


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how tall are you?

everyone has a natural weight, perhaps you have reached yours :(


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You're not eating enough. Your body is holding on to every scrap of nutrition & energy it can. Google 'starvation mode' & read up on it. Starving your body is not the way to lose weight.
The points you get depends on a number of things:

Are you:
Female = Score 3
Male = Score 9

Are you a breastfeeding mother?
No = Score 0
Yes, breastfeeding exclusively = Score 10
Yes, supplementing breastfeeding with solid foods = Score 5

How old are you?
16 - 20 = Score 5
21 - 35 = Score 4
36 - 50 = Score 3
51 - 65 = Score 2
Over 65 = Score 1

How many stones do you weigh?
Ignore the lb, the number of stones is your score for this question. Someone who weights 12st 4lb will score 12

How tall are you?
Under 5ft 4ins = Score 1
5ft 4ins or above = Score 2

In your day to day life are you:
Sitting down most of the time = Score 0
Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing = Score 2
Walking most of the time = Score 4
Doing physically hard work most of the time = Score 6

Add all the sections together and thats your daily allowance.

Working on that basis:

Im assuming youre in your 20s which is 5 points
Youre female which is 3 points
Youre 5 ft 6 which is 2 points
Even factoring in 0 points for a job which you sit down mostly that totals 10 points

You then have to add your weight on. Im assuming youre not 5 stones ;) So your calculation may be slightly out.


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If you are working out 5 hours a week then your BMR will be quite high. 1400 calories is definately not enough and you will be in starvation mode

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