Considerations apart from weight?

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Restarting to lose 4stone
With so much talk on the site about weight and lbs/stones lost I wondered if any of you ever think about any of the other accepted indicators regarding size and health?

I decided to test myself on the body fat monitor using yesterday’s weight of 11st 9lbs. The results were 31.1% fat and a woman’s body fat ratio ideally needs to be between 25 and 31%, so I am just nudging up to the normal range.

My waist hip ratio (waist measurement divided by hip measurement) is 8.2 and should be under 8 for a woman.

My BMI is 25.8 and should be between 20 and 25. So I am getting close on all counts.

I want to have a bit of leeway so that I don't find that I am within the ranges on these calculations in the morning only to go over in the afternoon or after putting on 3-4lbs in my proposed comfort zone. That gives me something else to think about and aim for apart from weight. :)
Hmmmmmm.....very thought provoking COAM! Thanks for the insight. I'll try mine out later when I get home.

Wish I had a body fat monitor to try out. Does anyone know if there is one (like you go to Boots to weigh yourself) anywhere to try?

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I actually bought one from Lloyd's Pharmacy as it was on offer for a fiver :) Not sure if the offer is still on or not?
The offer is on the web site but says it's only valid until May 2006. I've sent my mum down to my local branch for me to see if it's still on. Fingers crossed!

I've been curious about the scales that monitor body fat. How do they work? Do you need to put measurements in or something?

To be honest, I have less concern about weight and bmi than I do about looking and feeling fit, healthy and happy.
I didn't get mine until June and went into the chemist to ask about it and they said no problem. They also had offers on some cracking scales that had bfm built in. I didn't get them as I am trying to stay away form scales so having some in the house would proove too much for me :rolleyes:
Wow, I just got the £4.99 body fat measurer from Lloyds. I can hardly believe they are reduced by £20.
Thanks for sharing that great deal with us. However, I'm a little bit scared (though very curious) to measure just in case mine's off the scale LOL. I'll take a reading though, because it will be another good thing to see lowering as the scales (hopefull) drop
Powered journey - I imagine if you weigh more in the evening (which is due to water and food/shakes) and your fat levels stay the same (or drop) then the percentage of fat would decrease.
This is an extreme example - In the morning you weigh 20 units. 10 of those units are fat, making the percentage of fat 50%. In the evening you weigh 25 units. 10 of those units are still fat (the extra 5 units are water etc). The percentage of fat is now 40%.

Hope this makes some sence, sorry if not. (I like maths puzzles)
oh and btw - I'm not suggesting you are 50% fat - it's just an example LOL
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I have body fat monitor scales and they dont work unless you have no shoes on. They send a small amount of electric (totally harmless) through your body and when it earths through the scales again thats what gives the reading.
I see the bfm in the same way as I see the pedometer, it isn't about what you are NOW it is about how as you lose weight your body fat ratio falls. I do mine whenever I remember but not more than once every 3 weeks - I will start doing it weekly on the morning after my weigh in.

It put my mind at rest from all those ill informed people that insist that on a VLCD you lose muscle rather than fat :) In fact you lose both but a higher %age of fat.