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Constantly dizzy- back from the wilderness

I May be a bit late in starting this.....But I think I need something to keep me on the straight and narrow ;)

Sooooo A bit about me....Im 42, and live with my fella in West Yorkshire I re-started SW on 6th June 2010. I had a bit of a break from it after having a 2nd lot of Brain surgery in march this year. Its a long slow process but Im slowly getting to grips with things and Im making steady progress with my physio.....tho not as quick as I'd like lol....still buggering about walking on crutches like an old drunk :rolleyes:

Anyway Ive also got a suspecpected hiatus hernia & ulcerated oesphagus (lucky me eh:p) from throwing up so much with having vertigo from the brain condition so Iv been plagued with bouts of painful eating and 'bunged up for days on end'......not great in the slimming mission:sigh: Im on meds so Im hoping things will settle in due course. In the meantime I seem to be messing about with the same couple of pounds and its just driving me nuts!!:mad:

SO - Im hoping that doing this Diary will keep me focussed, and maybe one of you lovely people may spot something I'm doing wrong :D

I normally do EE but lately Ive done the odd green or red day to see if it made any difference.

Thanks for reading....here goes.

Today. EE

Brekkie Banana & clementine
HEA milk for teas

Lunch (Asda cold meat counter) 2 turkey breast slices, JP, 2x birds eye steam fresh bags, 1 tsp bisto gravy granules (1syn)

tea braised steak & onions (1tsp cornflour (1syn) carrots,cauli & a mad cow triangle (1.5syn), new pots roast with frylight. Grapes.

HEB fibre plus bar

Syns penguin wafer 4.5 (plus 3.5 thru days meals) = 8 syns
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Hi, CD, I've found you!

Didn't want you feeling like Billy No Mates anymore, so I'm saying hello.

Well done for starting this: you never know, it might help.

It helps me think about precisely what I'm eating, but also, occasionally someone else makes a helpful suggestion. So, I'll keep visiting you, if you keep visiting me...
Another gloomy day here....OH is out at golf an Im pottering about catching up on a bit of ironing.
did well again yesterday with my fluid intake, finished the day on 8 pints of water/NAS squash so thats a lot better than my recent attempts :D Im on 4 pints so far today so im on course for another good one!

EE again today

Brekkie Nana & mango Activia

Lunch (Asda cold meat counter) 2x turkey slices, birds eye steam fresh veg pack, JP. Grapes.

snack clementine & plum

Tea Pork steak, red onion, Mash (with 2 teaspoon of grain mustard) green beans, carrots,

HEB fibre plus bar HEA milk - teas

Syns penguin wafer 4.5 mustard 1 walkers snaps 5 = 10.5
Morning all

Its another one of those days thats all gloomy again.....woke up to find OH had already set off out to golf so Im home alone til 1 ish I reckon.
No plans to do much today except Asda & my home Physio (know how to live it up me eh LMAO)

Doing EE again today

Brekkie banana & activia HEA milk-teas

snack peach

LunchTuna&quarkJp,tom,cucumber,onion clemx2

Snack grapes

Tea HMpork sweet&sour stir fry, peppers onion, bamboo shoot, pineapple sw chips

HEB fibre plus

SYNS 2 for the stir fry (pineapple & cornflour)
:sign0151: I have found you .....
Glad to see your hubby has a golf obsession too,,,,, mine has -although "in his defence" he usually plays during work hours so it makes no difference to me. Other than that there is an occasional competition on a weekend - and if not then when its not manky weather I have a walk round with him -although I spend my time watching the wildlife :p.
Hope you got some yummy things in Asda.....
keep up the great work ....and I will add you to my "lurk list" ;)
Good Afternoon All :)

Bit late in posting this today....woke up to my telly & internet not working :mad: no idea what was wrong I just had a frozen picture on the TV and no connection on here:confused: I text OH to see if he could ring them on his lunch (I cant hear on the phone...not til I get my super duper hearing aids anyway :D) But just as He text me back it all started working.....at least it was this morning and not when Xfactor was on last night LOL.

Got my physio at hosp this aft so gonna get ready in a mo.

Well I think Its a green day today, just for a change.

Brekkie breakfast rice, nana & ww vanilla yog (really stuffed after that! but flipping lovely:p)

Lunch JP cottage cheese toms cucumber

Tea SW chips beans & scrambled egg (OH working late so its only me)

HEB fibre plus

Syns ?? dunno yet will update later if I have any


Fighting the bulge
Hello huni!!!

Your diary looks good!! I want egg chips and beans for tea now lol!!

Hope physio goes ok today and the sickness stays away!! I think i would have gone mad if my tele broke while the x factor was on too :p

Have had the lurgy for the last 2 days :( been feeling rubbish, freezing,aching, headache, cough cant taste when do eat and its probably not worth even doing a diary entry....... but here goes.

Green day
Monday cheese & broccoli pasta n sauce
Water to drink

green day
Today Breakfast rice .....but felt really icky after eating it :eek:

Am really hoping I feel better by tomorrow as Ive got a hospital appt that Ive waited ages for.....about my super duper hearing aids, and I dont want to have to cancel as I need to get this sorted to help me with spacial awareness and locating sounds when im outside....so fingers crossed another day under the blanket on the sofa will do the trick ;) .....and OH can cook if he wants to eat lol
Hello constantlydizzy.

You're weight loss is really impressive, seeing as I'd imagine you can't do much exercise - I think it's awesome that you've stuck to this even though you've been a bit poorly.

I had an ulcerated oesphagus once...absolute agony. Ended up in hospital living off funny shake things (like a I imagine lighterlife to be like). Horrid. I feel for you hun.

Anyway, good luck with it all!

Kirsty x
Good Morning World

Ive not been very good with my eating as Im still full of bugs :sick: so my diary for yesterday went like this

Banana...... sick muller...... sick

glass of milk kept that down ;) fibre bar hurt like hell but managed it.

Today ive had a banana (well it looked like a banana)....cant say what it tasted like??? lol. Im going to try some breakfast rice for lunch I think.

On a plus note I did get to WI last night and manage a 2lb loss :D.....okay now strictly speaking this may not have been entirely down to sticking to plan (more like sticking to the sofa under a blanket for the last 3 days :rolleyes: eating not very much) but hey its a loss so im not arguing LMAO.:p:happy036:

Update on my hospital visit yesterday for my 'new ears'...... well its a bit more complicated than I thought it was going to be ( I thought I was going to come home with hearing aids yesterday
. But it turns out that the tests Ive had show that Im suitable to have a BAHA ....bone anchored aid, which means having another operation to implant something in my skull to attach a sound processor to (very sci fi lol)
anyway.....they put one on a metal headband to show me what it would be like - and told me to put my finger in my 'hearing ear' then stood behind me and asked me my date of birth!!!! OMG I burst into tears
I could hear!!! through my dead ear!!!!!! (or the unit gave that impression - it was actually sending the sounds thru my bones to the other ear??? (dont ask...Idont know how that works but it did!!:))

So theyve sent me home to try it for 4 weeks in different situations, shopping, going to group,watching telly etc (only prob is the headband really is tight and hurts a lot after a short time....plus it has a big black thing sticking out that makes me look like a dalek according to my OH LMAO
......but he said this behind my back while I had my finger in my ear and I heard him :giggle: If I agree to having it done then its gonna be after the new year (mexico hol) then the implant has to graft with my bone for 2 months before Im 'switched on with a processor' but Im mega excited about it.....its gonna make such a difference to my daily life
This morning I found myself waiting for the kettle to boil with my back to the telly at the far side of the room- stood with my finger in my ear listening to the news :confused: My OH thinks Ive lost the plot Lmao :silly:
Hello constantlydizzy.

You're weight loss is really impressive, seeing as I'd imagine you can't do much exercise - I think it's awesome that you've stuck to this even though you've been a bit poorly.

I had an ulcerated oesphagus once...absolute agony. Ended up in hospital living off funny shake things (like a I imagine lighterlife to be like). Horrid. I feel for you hun.

Anyway, good luck with it all!

Kirsty x
Hi Kirsty

OOOOh yep the pain on swallowing certain foods is not pleasant at all.....eating things a quarter of a teaspoon at a time and crossing your fingers that its not going to feel like you're being stabbed to death with each swallow :eek: x x


Fighting the bulge

I answered on your other thread but wanted to put it here to that im really pleased for you. For both your loss and your new ears!!!

Sounds like its all good for you atm - well apart from the illness part!!

I really hope you feel better soon huni xx
Hi Kirsty

OOOOh yep the pain on swallowing certain foods is not pleasant at all.....eating things a quarter of a teaspoon at a time and crossing your fingers that its not going to feel like you're being stabbed to death with each swallow :eek: x x
I was in hospital for the start of it (I couldn't drink either so was dehydrated) - they used to force me to try and eat breakfast. I'd do two teaspoons of mushed Weetabix and then refuse anymore. Cruelty to human beings. It's a horrendous pain...hope it all heals up soon.

And well done on the loss...it was definitely justifed.

HEaring aid sounds genius...hope it all works out for you :)

Kirsty x
Afternoon world

My Lurgy Bugs are still with me...tho Im definately not feeling as bad as I was. I still cant taste much - and Im not feeling like eating much as I feel pretty sicky with it still.

Last night I had 1/2 pack pasta n sauce with a mad cow triangle and a JP
and a dark choc fibre plus bar (that was actually very nice)... tho it did hurt a bit to swallow - it was worth the pain (wierdo lol)

Today has been another green day I seem to have only done greens since ive been off colour......Ive done EE all the time before with a rare red/green thrown in, but Im finding greens really quite nice at the mo 'comfort foods' easy to eat with a dodgy tum and nothing really thats going to set my pains off (I dont have to worry too much about the 1/3 superfree either when I cant get the volume of food in on bad tum days?? Please feel free to jump in and correct me anyone if ive got this wrong??!!


Brekki breakfast rice (ww dessert recipe yog)

Lunch Breakfast rice (ww toffee yog) & banana

Tea ? not sure still feeling icky maybe pasta n sauce & mad cow triangle

I went to Asda today to put 'my ear' through its paces. It was hell on earth in there....sooooo busy (my worst time to be there anyway for losing my balance)

Anyway....my OH stood on my 'deaf' side as we walked and he read from the list - and I was able to hear what he said really quite clearly despite the background noise

THEN....... he walked BEHIND ME!!
and I stood really still (cos I cant quite do the concentrating and walking at the same time without falling yet lol....my brain hasnt quite got to the multitasking stage) but .........dun dun duhhh I HEARD HIM SAY "YOU NEED SOME MORE FIBRE PLUS BARS GREEDY GUTS"

Am a very happy Dizzy today despite still feeling a bit stuffed up with the lurgy still.....and my head is a tad sore now from 2 hours solid of the DALEK band
(either Ive got a very big head.....or theyve given me a childs size metal headband)
Good Afternoon Everyone

Its a was a lovely Bright day morning here....tho very cold and a layer of frost over the rooftops and cars when I got up. The heating is on and Im glad Im not out walking the golf golf course since 8am with my OH :eek:

Speaking of OH's he said to me last night - "You know when they shave your hair again for this next Op.....well they wont do it all will they?" so I said no just the underneath bit...nothing as drastic as last time. "Oh he said.....Cos I was thinking, that will be the third hole youve had drilled in that area of your head now - and you'll kind of look like a bowling ball !! :8855: Its a good job he can move quicker than me the silly sod lol.

I must just tell you though.......Isnt XFACTOR better when you can hear them singing
I always thought they were all rubbish before lmao :roofles:

three cheers for new ears :D

Well today Is going to be another green day for me.

This lurgy is definately on its way out
but Im not feeling very 'eaty foody' IYkWIM I still cant taste much and dont really fancy anthing in particular......so Im winging it a bit.

OH made Brekki before he went so I had some scambled egg, and had some grapes mid morning

Lunch will prob be a JP with cottage cheese and some grapes

Tea ?? really havent thought that far ahead.... but if I can face it I'l have pork stir fry (HEB 1 pork) sw chips or pasta n sauce

(HEB 2 ) fibre plus bar ..... to break the 8pm curfew on the choccy syns whoop whoop

Syns nescafe skinny latte 3.5, penguin wafer 4.5, stir fry sauce 3 = 11

Have a lovely day everyone x x
Well, as for your OH, you can't always be serious about these things, can you?

I have a very good friend who had to have an op to remove growths on something thyroid-ish on the front of her throat, and then only 8 weeks later another one low down on her skull, at the back, and not far above the top of her neck, to remove a brain tumour. We did call her "Nearly Headless Jan" (you have to have read/seen Harry Potter to get it), and also said she should have had a zip put in, in case they had to go in again!

If you can't laugh, there's not much you can do, is there?

Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and that the eating's looking good. I really don't know how you manage to deal with weight loss as well as everything else that's going on in your life. You're an inspiration.
LMAO.....now why doesnt that suprise me :D
Id go crazy If I couldnt laugh about half of the stuff thats gone on...lifes just far too short to be miserable anyway.

Well I look at it like this, I cant do anything about whats happening to me medically......thats out of my control. But I can do something about having a big fat ass :D x

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