Total Solution Constipated

Blue Butterfly

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Dulcolax pico perles are apparently good and gentle so no tummy cramps like you get with some other laxatives.
You take between 2-4 and they work within 6-12 hours.
I've ordered some from amazon for just in case.


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Thank u :) are u allow the standard ones from shops

Blue Butterfly

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uummm I think there are some we're not allowed.

I think sennacot (is that how it's spelt?) movicol (seen it mentioned around the forum) the normal dulcolax are allowed.

You can buy the pico perles from tesco for £3. I just had to get mine online as I dont live near shops :)
you can have senna or dulcolax , BUT I find them really harsh and give me terrible cramps ( work though !!!) as BB said dulco pico perles are great and my local tesco sells them , they work quickly and are gentle :) movicol is also great stuff and gentle too xx


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few spoons of psyllium husks in the morning does the job for me. Indigestable and simply adds bulk.


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Aloe Vera juice is good for keeping you regular, I also find it helps with reflux and wind plus bloating :) google it and have a read