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Constipation!!!!! confused

Have spent the last hour pouring over threads that deal with the " bum blocked" problem but it all seems so contradictory what you can and what you can't have. Tried phoning CDC but not in boo hoo.

I have taken a ducolax to try and clear it for the moment but have suffered from day one and now need something to keep it all normal and not resorting to laxatives once a week.

I only have two tetras a day and a soup so is there a tablet form of this husk type thingy that I can take??

Thanks for anyone who can help - feeling really bloated :cry:


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Hi, i feel for you! I've had the same problem, got the Fibre stuff from my cdc - u just put it in a shake or soup or just water i think. Has really helped me!! xx
I had the same problem as you what i started to use is fibre 89 ask her for it it works wonders:) just add it in your shakes about teaspoon i used it for 2 days in every shake and the bloatedness went down and try and up load your water it helps too.



Thanks - do you think if I take all of them I will be a size zero next week lol only kidding!!
erm No, but you'll have given the lavatory a good work out!
You have been a great help as always


In my opinion a multi pronged attack is usually best.After upping your water Get some of the soluble fibre (= fibre '89) from your CDC, then add in some psyllium husks (3 forms of it available. 1. capsules from H & B. 2. powder/granules from H & B & various other sources. 3. as Fybogel bought from the chemist. It comes in sachets and makes an effervescent drink, BUT remember only to get the original flavour not the orange.
Then if you need to resort to dulcolax once in a while then so be it. remember that normal bowel function will return with normal food, but you want to get the weight off first.

Happy pooing!:p


yes. you then have both soluble & insoluble fibre in your gut on top of what's already in the shakes.
A normal mixed diet would contain both.
I also used soya bran ( couldn't get on whith psyllium though I know many who swear by it) this is another way of introducing fibre & it's got a nice gently nutty taste. however,unlike psyllium which is carbohydrate free, the soya does have some carbohydrate (but much less than wheat bran) & as a result could knock you out of ketosis & is not recommended by Cambridge (they only promote their fibre '89 )

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